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John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Paul Bleau

Paul Bleau’s Dealey Plaza UK Talk

A synopsis of Paul Beau’s overview of the Jim Garrison files as supplied to him by Len Osanic as given as an address to the Dealey Plaza UK group. Paul read every page of the late DA’s fi...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Benjamin Cole

Walker, Oswald, and the Dog That Didn’t Bark

Benjamin Cole reexamines the “Walker Incident” and offers a better explanation than the one provided in the Warren Report by accounting for all of the anomalies in the evidence and witness...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Douglas Horne

Doug Horne Replies: On Oswald’s Earnings

One of the most attention getting parts of JFK: Destiny Betrayed, the four-hour version, is the revelation by Douglas Horne about Oswald’s earnings before he defected to Russia. As the former mi...

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