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John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Vincent Salandra

Notes on Lunch with Arlen Specter on January 4, 2012

Vincent Salandria recounts his final encounter with his old adversary prior to the latter's passing, and reassesses his own attitude toward the young attorney's complicity in the cover-up. ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
James DiEugenio

Dead Men Talking: An Update

Author James DiEugenio corrects several assertions made in his original review of Dead Men Talking. ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
James DiEugenio

Noam Chomsky’s Sickness unto Death

Chomsky has now been proven both wrong and misleading on both Kennedy and Vietnam, and the Missile Crisis. But it’s worse than that. Chomsky simply has no regard for facts or evidence in the two...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Vasilios Vazakas

Evaluating the Case against Lyndon Johnson

The weaknesses in the arguments that LBJ initiated and masterminded the plot to kill his predecessor offered by a number of recent books are here reviewed and synthesized. ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Mark Prior

A Manifesto for the Fiftieth

An early call to civic action in preparation for the 2013 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Frank Cassano

Michael Shermer Strikes (Out) Again: Review of Michael Shermer’s CBC documentary, Conspiracy Rising

Frank Cassano on the Canadian Broadcasting Company's documentary and its message that “conspiracy theorists threaten democracy”. ...

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