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January 2004

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy
James DiEugenio

Gerald Posner: Did He Get Anything Right?

Jim DiEugenio writes about Gerald Posner's irresponsibility in representing the evidence concerning the JFK assassination. ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
James DiEugenio

How Gerald Posner Got Rich and Famous: Or, Bob Loomis and the Anti-Conspiracy Posse

Jim DiEugenio discusses how Gerald Posner became wealthy from his pro-Warren Commission articles and books. ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
James DiEugenio

Posner in New Orleans: Gerry in Wonderland

Case Closed deliberately suppresses and distorts the evidence that Oswald was involved in clandestine activities in New Orleans, writes Jim DiEugenio. ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Wallace Miliam

The Posner Follies: Fast and Loose with the Witnesses

Author Wallace Miliam discusses how Case Closed knowingly included false information concerning JFK assassination eyewitnesses. ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Stewart Galanor

Gerald Posner, Case Closed – The Art of Misrepresenting Evidence

From an unpublished book review of Case Closed written by Stewart Galanor in October 1993, in which he exposes Posner's misrepresentation of eyewitness testimony. ...

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