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John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Gokay Hasan Yusuf

James DiEugenio, Reclaiming Parkland

Jim DiEugenio's second book on the JFK assassination, which takes Bugliosi's pretentious and inflated bag of obfuscation as its framework for dismantling the Warren Commission, the Clark Panel, and th...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Frank Cassano

Jesse Ventura, They Killed our President

This book may well represent the high point of Jesse's legacy ... We can all be thankful of the fact that he felt compelled to commit his power and influence toward noble causes, rather than sell his ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
William LeBlanc, CFCSI

Sherry Fiester, Enemy of the Truth: Myths, Forensics, and the Kennedy Assassination

Sherry Fiester [uses] established science-based protocols to determine events and causalities, not to search for manufactured support of an a priori conclusion, write LeBlanc and Dragoo. ...

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