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John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Gary Aguilar

Flip de Mey, Cold Case Kennedy: A New Investigation Into the Assassination of JFK (2013)

Flip de Mey’s well written and entertaining book makes valuable contributions. But in the end it must be said it is far from completely satisfactory. However, there is great material in the bo

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
James DiEugenio

Ed Souza, Undeniable Truths

About the first fifty pages of Undeniable Truths is pretty much undeniable. The next fifty pages are a decided mixture of truth and question marks. Most of the last 200 pages do not at all merit the t...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Martin Hay

Ballistics and Baloney: Lucien Haag and the JFK Assassination

Martin Hay reviews an article published by Haag in AFTE, about which he concludes: "It is little wonder ... that Lucien Haag limited his defense of the 'Magic' Bullet Theory to a (misleading) discussi...

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