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John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Gary Aguilar

Vincent Bugliosi, Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

The book's use also lies in demonstrating that it may not be possible for one person to fully master, or give a fair accounting of, this impossibly tangled mess of a case, writes Gary Aguilar. ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
William Davy

Vincent Bugliosi, Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

With statements like Mr. Goetzman's, one doubts if Goetzman, Hanks and Paxton really read Bugliosi's 2,740 pages or any of the critical literature released prior, or subsequent, to Reclaimimg History ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Michael Green

Vincent Bugliosi, Reclaiming History: Besmirching History

Michael Green takes Bugliosi to task on the evidence, arguing for a national security state cover-up through the mass media. ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
James DiEugenio

Gerald McKnight, Breach of Trust

Mark Lane wrote that the Warren Report dishonored "those who wrote it little more than those who praise it." This book makes you feel the sting of that dishonor more than any other book that I know. B...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Jefferson Morley

Letter to the Editor re: Bryan Burrough's review of Reclaiming History

Letter of protest to New York Times, signed by Jefferson Morley, Norman Mailer, Anthony Summers and David Talbot. ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Josiah Thompson

Vincent Bugliosi, Reclaiming History

What this case does need is some old-fashioned, historical scholarship. It's a shame and a waste of great time and effort that Bugliosi decided to contribute to the problem and not to its solution, co...

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