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Point–Counterpoint: Feedback–Response on CTKA's Recent Focus on Alex Jones

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Gary King responds to part 1 of Seamus Coogan's article on Alex Jones, and Seamus replies.

Point: Gary King

This article is in response to Seamus Coogan's critical article on Alex Jones and to Black Op Radio archived on Black Op, show #485.

I have been interested in the JFK assassination from the day my teary eyed, first grade teacher changed everything. I was six years old. I have always thought of the Bill Newman family (seen in Dealey Plaza film and photos), the oldest boy looked and dressed as my mother dressed me. Looking back, I wish someone would have shielded me from the lies and disinformation that I was to endure for the next 42 years. Things are a little different when it comes to the assassination, being from New Orleans ...locals still sense fear while discussing JFK.  A friend and relative of the owner of the Rault Center, suspected of being firebombed, only knows of her father's grief for helping finance Jim Garrison's investigation, her lips literally tremble as she asks questions for the first time about what really happened, having taken her nearly a half century to face reality. Though a hero to many, Jim Garrison's name NEVER comes up on local TV or radio. I have to listen to internet radio out of Canada to hear his name. It's a bit eerie knowing Jim Garrison's grave unceremoniously sits within 100 yards of my home in Lakeview. A giant of a man fit for Arlington Cemetery, however there is no eternal flame, no school bus load of children, just a brown waterline.  Coincidences like my doctor. Nicholas Chetta, the cousin of the doctor who preformed David Ferrie's autopsy are common. Memories of my aunt saying to my mother while riding in the back seat, " Look! That's Clay Shaw smoking a cigarette!" as we whizzed by Tulane and Broad. I clearly remember overhearing my mother's phone conversations as a child, sternly saying to a fellow Schlumberger house wife, "Jim Garrison is going to get to the bottom of this"; talking of her surprise as her local hero was spoken of with disdain while in California vacationing. It's unnerving now knowing that when my dad took me to work with him, there were land mines as well as hand and rifle grenades stored near by in preparation of the next Cuban invasion as I innocently played with my G.I. Joe doll. See what I mean? Lots of strange things like your bass player being Richard Connick, whose uncle tried to destroy all of Jim Garrison's records.

It's hard on the heart and harder on your ego to feel the presence of all this and be forced to admit that I didn't know what in the hell I talking about for a long time.  I prided myself in my knowledge of JFK. I felt that I really knew my stuff and spoke with authority.  I mean, after all, I had faithfully watched every documentary that had ever played on TV... All weekend during the annual History Channel marathons in late November, I even had a subscription to Time!  But then disaster, KATRINA! I evacuated to a FEMA hotel in Dallas, Texas and saw my life washed away in 11 feet of water. While New Orleans was still underwater, I asked for directions to Dealey Plaza (thunder and applause in the background), the awakening! the dawn! the transformation! Once I stood behind the picket fence, chills ran up and down my spine, my naÔvetÈ and trusting soul was SHATTERED! A realization of being lied to MY ENTIRE LIFE made me angry and I am still upset about it. From that day, I have studied JFK and the people behind it three to five hours a day. Because of the awakening, I became VERY selective of my news and information sources. They were whittled down to just a few.  Who were these trusted people and sites? Why none other that Black Op Radio and CTKA for any and all JFK research. Ron Paul covered Washington, Alex Jones supplied daily news, Jason Bermas for my 911 info, Aaron Russo had the Federal Reserve's Number, Paul Watson and Wayne Matson for BP oil spill updates. All were doing their best at fighting the disinfo specialist. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I was shocked when this very small group of  information warriors, hand picked, assembled in the style of a fantasy football team began infighting! Why mutiny now after years of peaceful productivity? What was wrong with my dream team? My investigation quickly uncovered that a one Seamus Coogan was the primary instigator here. Strangely enough, I first heard of Alex Jones in Dealey Plaza while observing the moment of silence at 12:30 the following year. An unknown person nervously approached me, and while watching his back, looking both ways, he slipped me a home made copy of an Alex Jones DVD titled "Terrorstorm", and walked away. It was about false flag terror. I was very impressed and began listening everyday to Alex's show with great interest, to the point that I have my own radio show in New Orleans and the only person who will bring up JFK in this city and will not hang up on callers who do.

At this point I feel that anyone daring to get involved in the Kennedy case and earnestly seeking the truth deserves a purple heart. You ARE going to receive battle scars; you are going to be injured, mercilessly shot at by a barrage of well financed, well trained and well educated disinformation soldiers. Just Google Jim Garrison‘s name and an enemy lie trap await you in John McAdam's web site, who pays good money for the #1 Google search. Highly respected best selling authors who have earned your trust in other areas will drop a 2700 page, 40lb. book bomb on your head. Men who had gained your admiration with their work discovering " Badgeman", and the police dictabelt recording of the unholy shots being fired at JFK, will now happily allow you to walk through a government mind field known as the 6th Floor Disinformation Museum. So Alex Jones subscribing to a certain theory, right or wrong is likely. Never before has there been a case that has had the full weight of the US government with unlimited funds followed by almost total control over TV, magazines, news papers and radio for the sole purpose of making sure you don't know what you are talking about. Once again, I have never heard Jim Garrison's name in the local press nor seen his name in the Times Picayune (run by Skull and Bones since 1836). No big mystery there, it's a subsidiary of the New York Times.

Seamus Coogan starts off his critique of Alex by saying that he endorses John Hankey's JFK II Documentary.  I, who have listened to every one of Alex's shows for 3 1/2 years, since they are streamed 24 hours a day, can tell you that not even once has he brought up the film or had Hankey on his show. It took me a long time to just find it on his site.  He really doesn't sell the DVD, it's just one of countless audio and videos and thousands of archived radio shows going way back that can be seen and heard in the member's area of his web site which costs 6 bucks a month.  Yes, Seamus blasted holes, and rightfully so, through the bow of JFK II. However, it was made for people who knew nothing about the case. It does get loose towards the end with admitted theory, and challenges viewers to come up with a better theory -- which Seamus did! 

But, I must say that having Skull and Bones alumnus George Bush being anywhere around Dallas that day, providing tips on a possible assassin, receiving memos from J. Edgar Hoover about the murder with his name on it,  I find that's just plain weird! There is something there!  I asked Robert Groden point blank if he felt George Bush was in Dealey Plaza 11/22/63, and his exact words were "Yes, I believe he was." I spoke with an eye witness who said he saw him. What are we to believe??? Richard Nixon being in Dallas the same day is nothing short of bizarre. In fact, think about it... we have four current and future presidents in Dallas or very near, the same day of the crime of the century with Gerald Ford soon to be sticking his head out of the sniper's nest! ..... Sounds like bad movie script to me. John Connally and E. H. Hunt making it to the Nixon White House... how strange? And just how in the hell did George H. W. Bush become head of the CIA!!! MY God! The film did put a lot of characters into focus though still blurry. John Hankey did show that a documentary could be put together with no money and reach millions of people, but Seamus is correct in showing poor fact checking.(Nixon holding a rifle is over the top) I do not however, feel that Hankey deserves the same rap as Posner, McAdams or Mack.

Next, the ministry of Jones. I drove all the way to Austin, Texas to meet with Alex for advice on my own radio show and was surprised to see his studio being run out of a two room, wooden floor, overcrowded area that shared half the building with a 7-11. No sign of a rich guy here. Blue jeans and a t-shirt and no Mercedes or BMW's in the four space parking lot, didn't even have a reserved parkingspot.

I don't understand about Seamus criticizing a CHRISTIAN businessman for out bidding everyone else on Ebay for a bullhorn named Tyranny Buster. People must believe in his cause to fork over that much money.  Would it have been better if he was an agnostic businessman? It beats the hell out of taking out a $50,000 loan with interest. The money bomb happened only once after holding several of them for Ron Paul's presidential bid, in which Alex was instrumental in urging him to run. The same forces that block truth about Kennedy were in full swing preventing a congressman who for decades has not once voted against the constitution, EVER! Hey! you want to go to war? Then congress has to declare war! The Dems and the GOP don't have time for that foolishness anymore do they? Ditto LBJ.

Robert Gaylon Ross, a kook? I have seen an hour-long interview in which he discusses Lincoln, MLK, JFK and  RFK and, without quibbling over opinions of the facts, I saw no reason for labeling him a kook.

David Icke seems to be credible all the way up to the lizard thing which they do not talk about on Alex's show. In defense of Icke, though I will not go there,  I do know quite a few hardcore researcher friends who are looking into it and are undecided.

Aaah, Michelle Malkin!  Anyone who would lie about throwing a puppy over a cliff and authored a book titled "The Case For Internment Camps" deserves to be confronted.

Now Aaron Russo, who produced "The Rose" with Bette Midler, "Trading Places" with Eddy Murphy and managed Led Zeppelin, can't be a shmuck. He directed a BANNED movie titled "Freedom to Fascism", does that sound familiar? Remember the History Channel airing the LBJ episode only to ban it?  What in God's name did Aaron do to be called " Late, but not great"? That video changed my life! I think everyone should know how there is no law forcing Americans to pay income tax. The 16th amendment was never ratified by the required number of states and how the unconstitutional Federal Reserve came into being. Kennedy was well aware of the sins of private banks issuing currency and fractional reserve banking. Jesus overturned the tables in the Temple for the same reason; John Kennedy issued treasury notes. Both can get you killed. To quote Gerald Selente, "The fight this country has waged since its inception is for the bankers not to take over the country". They succeed in 1913. Andrew Jackson gave it his all, but we lost.

Next, Seamus brings up a ten-year-old film Jones made of Bohemian Grove. Instead of focusing on our leaders and future Presidents running around in their underwear and wearing bras by day and sporting KKK looking outfits by night, apparently worshiping a 40 foot owl, Seamus brings up how English journalist, Jon Ronson, didn't get enough credit for helping him.  Gerald Ford, Ronald Regan, both Bushes, Newt Gingrich, Art Linkletter, ouch! Allan Greenspan and Bill Clinton being at a place  Nixon so elegantly spoke of as Bohemian Grove as " the most ‘faggy' God Damned thing you could ever imagine" is SICK!  Personally, I don't want to use my imagination pondering what Nixon just said. Come on, it takes guts to enter the Grove with SWAT teams, helicopters, Secret Service and private security goons swarming all around.

Comparing Alex to Bill Cooper!!! Flag on the PLAY! Unnecessary Roughness! Just not fair! One of the first things I learned thanks to Robert Groden's $10 magazine peddled for years through out Dealey Plaza, is the stupidity of a shadow being a gun! Now there's the proper use of the word kook. Posner, Mack or Bogliosi are dedicated truth seekers compared to the lunacy of pushing "the driver did it?". That's the lowest of the low and, as we know, the bar is set incredibly high for being low in JFK.

Seamus criticized Alex and crew for blaming the Bush family for everything, but Jim D. thought that Russ Baker's book, "Family of Secrets" did not cover enough of the many dastardly deeds the Bush family was involved in!

On two occasions Seamus downs Alex for showing up at a "Gun and Denver Mint" protest for the unspeakable crime of being uninvited! Audible gasp! I can hear Jim Garrison now. "Although the Dallas Police Dept. has an admirable regard for the protection of property, they could have held back a few cars in reserve, even for a criminal who would dare go into a movie house without buying a ticket! But uninvited! That's when you bring in the force of the entire police department!" I have been to a few protests but have yet to receive an invitation. I remember the whole Gun show episode. The feds came down and tried to shut down a long running gun show with no legal reason to do so except saying "Hey, we're the Feds"! I would dare say, he was invited since he had the gun show folks on his show many times and announced on the air his intention to be there. I have no problem with a journalist standing up for my Second Amendment rights. I wish more of them had half that amount of courage.

We have all heard how Oliver Stone's movie "JFK" was criticized before its release. Well "it's Deja Vu all over again", right Yogi? The entire wrath of Seamus's article seems to be based on a 2006 movie trailer and an hour long call-in show the same year. Both included Jim Marrs and a few articles written by Jason Bermas and Paul Watson, basically for subscribing to the LBJ, Barr McClellan, Madeleine Brown saga.  He labels it a " warning". The problem is, that I can name highly respected researchers with decades of work that do believe there was a meeting at Clint Murchison's mansion. Penn Jones, Jim Marrs, Jim Fetzer, Robert Groden and Walt Brown ??????  for a while...and you know what? I agree with Seamus!  Oddly, every unworthy, good-for-nothing character Seamus detests, has appeared on Black Op Radio. John Hankey, Aaron Russo, Barr McClellan and Russ Baker and I'm not calling for Len Osanic's head! I know Len is a truth seeker with a big heart. These subjects were hot nearly 5 years ago. But now times have changed, we're fighting Tom Hanks on one front and the Dallas Police as they prepare for the worldwide spotlight known as the Super Bowl.

I implore everyone to listen to the interview with Jim Marrs and Alex Jones.  These men are clearly not engaged in deception.  In fact, Seamus missed the whole point of the show: They were comparing JFK to 911!  There are chilling similarities. This is the point I want to make! Alex Jones has 5 of the top 10 internet videos of all time! Jason Bermas had the first mega viral web video with over 100 million views as a college kid!  He's not backing the Warren Commission; he's not running The Sixth Floor Museum! He doesn't host a web site saying Col. Fletcher Prouty is a blabbering idiot! We all are going to make errors looking for the truth! Not one JFK researcher has not revised their views at some point. With Gerald Posner and Bogliosi getting thousands of hours of air time, all serious researchers can barely muster up 200 hrs. combined over decades!  If the true mission is getting our word out, that it was so much bigger than a lone nut, then we need Alex and we need Len Osanic, we need Jim D and Seamus Coogan!

Seamus also slaps around the Jones crew for their lack of knowledge about RFK and wouldn't you know it, Jim Fetzer on Black Op, show #487, is completely at odds with Seamus and backs up Jonestown. I told you this research was going to be difficult. We must not forget that we are researching mysteries. We don't know the answers and the sad, hard fact is that you're just going to have to put in the years of research necessary to draw your own conclusions. If you ask me, Alex Jones and Black Op Radio are engaged in the same thing! Len has a radio show and so does Alex. Len has products for sale and so does Alex. Len asks for donations and so does Alex.  However, over the past few years, Black Op has focused mostly on JFK and here is where the real difference is. Alex is not afraid to bring up child trafficking, Eugenics, Fluoride in our drinking water, chemtrails and dangerous vaccines and how there is NO difference between both parties in the House or Senate. Face it, as long as I remember, the Republicans, while in office, would run the country off the rails and then we would throw the rascals out only to allow the Dems to push our republic off a cliff. We have been seeing this for decades! Both parties are determined to bankrupt the nation. Alex was instrumental in getting Ron Paul to run for President. Think about it, a congressman who has never voted against the mighty constitution in over 30 years! Neither party can claim anything near that! I would suggest you read the 10 planks of the communist manifesto and see where our country is headed.

There is a clear difference between out-an-out lying, deliberate disinformation and disagreement of dedicated researchers trying to present the truth the best they can with this incredibly complex case. Reggie Jackson didn't hit a home run everytime!!!

Alex is the hardest working man in radio and would welcome more information on JFK. I truly believe Alex would welcome Seamus's views. Alex does'nt want you to follow him. He wants YOU to take action as I have and together we can fight the unconstitutional health care bill, the nationalization of our auto industry, chemtrails, the Patriot act, 911 and undeclared wars!

I am asking the JFK community to start focusing on what the assassination means to us today! The CIA is alive and well and just what did Fletcher Prouty mean when he said he uses the "Report from Iron Mountain"? I feel that anyone who watches this video will understand what is REALLY going on today!

In closing I would like to leave this point for all to ponder, Len Osanic of Black Op Radio has listened to nearly every researcher for 10 long years!!! What is the one thing he wants? He wants us all to meet in Hawaii! Why? To document the few things that the research community does agree on!

Counterpoint: Seamus Coogan

Dear Mr. King:

Thank you for your impassioned response. In fact, it's very similar to one sent me by a Mr. Hale via Black Op Radio.

You are correct. CTKA does seek to provide the best research on JFK available. But unfortunately, that's why Alex Jones and others like David Icke, Robert Ross, and John Hankey have been excluded. In fact, on the Black Op Radio show you mentioned Jim Fetzer countering my positions on RFK and O'Sullivan, you obviously didn't hear Len Osanic's constant questions concerning the veracity of Fetzers' sources.

Furthermore, why anybody would doubt Talbot and Morley – two of the more credible journalists who have contributed generally solid work on the case – over the rantings of Jim Fetzer is a little beyond myself. Fetzer has the misfortune of endorsing and falling (to the point of banality) for every new fangled conspiracy fad and piece of disinformation foisted on us by those bright sparks at Langley. That he has the audacity to preach about misinformation is utterly astounding in its scope of delusion. I would also like to point out that the outlandish 9/11 no planes claims of Fetzer caused Alex Jones to part company with him. Yes, I actually agree with Infowars on this one.

Returning to Jones, unlike his erstwhile researcher Paul Joseph Watson (who posts what he pleases) my piece was vetted and edited by no less than three people before it saw the light of day. The process has taken Jim, JP, and I months. We know for a fact (it's painfully obvious) that this type of thing (i.e., thorough vetting) does not go on in the Jones nexus.

One of the odd things you missed in your letter is that CTKA (well before my involvement) never liked, nor listened to Alex Jones. It's not I who's ruined any chance for an alliance between Jones and Jim DiEugenio. Sadly, it's people like yourself – that is, those who seem to think that Jones and Jim DiEugenio have something in common – who are most at odds with what I write. There is nothing similar about the two men in any way, shape, or form – whatsoever. I cannot prevent you from liking Jones as well. Just don't ask us to have anything to do with him. Nor accuse us of disunity. We actually had the VP of the Genesis Radio Network email us and effectively tell us we had gotten everything concerning JFK and Alex Jones absolutely correct. That's one of Jones' bosses.

The issues that Jones raises concerning numerous misdemeanours (real or imagined), e.g., child trafficking, eugenics, chemtrails, etc., are, in my opinion, bunk, massively misquoted, or are tabloidised to the point of stupidity. On the other hand, post-9/11 counter-surveillance, corrupt corporations, and illegal foreign wars are extremely important. But they are ruined by Jones and his group's abysmal outlook on myriad other issues. If Jones "cocks up" the JFK case so badly, why should I or anybody else believe a word he says?

Furthermore, you assumed an awful lot of stuff in your letter about my political beliefs – or at least what you seem to think I should believe – and it seems you have insinuated that I had somehow turned my back on your revolution.

I fully support universal healthcare initiatives in the United States. I come from New Zealand, a country that has had universal healthcare for nearly 70 years. I think it is massively important and I am grateful for it, like the majority of New Zealanders. However, we still elect right-wing governments, we also spy for the United States right across Asia (these include communist countries); we also have a ban on US nuclear weapons yet allow US naval visits. The United States utilizes the New Zealand SAS in nearly every operation they are involved in. Am I slowly becoming a communist?

You may be dismayed when I say this, but the world is not America, Mr. King. Nor does it think like America. Most people on the planet think people like Mike Moore are "cooler" and more "credible" than Alex Jones. In fact, for starters, more people have heard about Moore than Jones – a fact that no doubt stings Jones' massive ego.

Now please don't turn around and say Moore is a sell-out. I have my reservations about his lack of input into JFK. But an article here by Ray McGovern on Moore's own website seems to give a good indication of what he's thinking. Needless to say it's a hell of a lot better than a lot of other "Left Gatekeepers":

Moore was silly to have made comments about 9/11 Truthers initially. But he has since been very, very up-front about his doubts over the official version concerning 9/11:

Moore just doesn't see the need to jump around and get publicity over such things and he's cautious of some issues. In a world abounding with Jones, Icke, and others, it pays to be. Furthermore, why should he be expected to have an opinion on conspiracies? He's pointed out – as have Jim DiEugenio, Lisa Pease, and numerous other individuals – that the "tea bag" movement has been funded by the massive insurance companies Moore cruelly exposed in Sicko. Moore's no saint. We all know that. But Jones is neither saint nor scholar on the issues. And that's a fact.

I believe in global warming. I also believe we human beings have raped and destroyed this planet. You may not, fair enough. You may believe that mass over population, starvation, erosion, deforestation, and a drying up of fresh water supplies are all natural, and that the negatives about these issues are cooked up by the NWO utilizing environmentalists, feminists, socialists, and the United Nations to create a new world government.

I also don't believe you have read either Jim DiEugenio's or my work on John Hankey–Russ Baker/George Bush and Alex Jones closely enough. There are no contradictions in our work. In fact, practically everything on CTKA is conjoined. It's very seldom that articles contradict each other – if ever. Thus, CTKA is unique in the JFK field for creating one singular coherent argument. Unlike Alex Jones, where it's "Contradictions-R-Us."

As for the "Skull 'n Bones" NWO secret society stuff, I advise you re-read my piece on Bermas in Part II. In fact, I also advise you also check out my notes on such things like Bohemian Grove on Greg Parker's site (these are linked to the end of my second Jones piece) to see how much more complex the issues that Jones and Bermas bring up really are. It's a little known fact that George H.W. Bush signed the JFK Act which brought the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) into being. Sherman Cooper on the Warren Commission was an S&B member and doubted the official version. Bob Lovett was an S&B man who became disgusted about the CIA's dubious roles in overthrowing democratically elected governments, and whose reports on Allen Dulles eventually led to Dulles' sacking and JFK wanting to abolish the CIA. Richard Russell was a high-ranking Mason and he never bought into it. This is just for starters.

In fact, it would be hard to find anybody at CTKA (a centre-left organisation) who would not believe in much of what I have just said. We also believe that there are far better alternative news sources out there than Jones. Furthermore, Jones has had a number of years to discuss the Kennedy assassination with CTKA. He has not chosen to. CTKA-Probe pre-date Jones' emergence on the scene. As does my personal research into the case (Jim DiEugenio's goes back a very long way – try the seventies). I am not speaking on behalf of Len Osanic. But from what I understand, he is reluctant to branch out further because he acknowledges the massive amounts of disinformation out there. While Len has had people we have criticised on his shows, it's up to him if he has them back (we aren't the only ones that moan either – LOL. In practically all cases where I know of this happening, voices from CTKA have never been the sole complainant on an issue.)

Len has said he makes mistakes every now and again, and we all do. It's just Osanic's particular type of research is extremely public and live. There are risks in what he does and despite them Len's show is the only conspiracy show on the Internet I listen to regularly. That's the biggest compliment I can give, because as you may have noticed, I am extremely fussy. Furthermore, the problem is that for all of the good researchers Jones has had on his show over the years he has learnt absolutely nothing about the case. Len is the complete opposite. He had a solid grounding in assassination research and Fletcher Prouty well before he ever went public with his opinions on the topic. Len isn't commercially driven either, and were he to become that, I have no doubt whatsoever he would put good information ahead of profit every time. You see, unlike Alex Jones and numerous other radio hustlers out there, Len has a thing called integrity and politcal analysis.

Speaking of Black Op Radio, one of the many incorrect comments you made was on Prouty and the "Report from Iron Mountain." It was a little alarming to be honest, considering the amount of misinformation about him on the net. In particularly on the John McAdam's website.

However, I shall revisit Jones' gun rally in Austin at some stage as I have come across conflicted accounts of Jones' invitation myself. But let's face it. Whether invited or not, Jones ruined it for those that participated (and openly abused the woman who organized the event I might point out). As for Jones' "take me or leave me" attitude, demagogues, like him, often say one thing and do another. He is inconsistent and incompatible with much of what CTKA says and believes. Your comment about Reggie Jackson misses the point. CTKA does not need to hit a home run every inning. We aren't even in the game that Jones plays.

We do real, prolonged research for starters.

I do not wish, nor will I partake in, any ongoing correspondence in the matter.

But I do wish you a good day. I enjoyed your opening detailing your feelings about the case, and as I said earlier on, I do admire your passion.


SM Coogan

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Seamus Coogan

Seamus Coogan is one of a number of JFK assassination researchers hailing from New Zealand and Australia.  He has devoted considerable effort to ferreting out and exposing unfounded and sensationalistic or far-fetched conspiratorial hypotheses.  His most notable contributions include those on John Hankey's JFK II, on Alex Jones, and on the Majestic Papers.  He  has also reviewed numerous books for this site.

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