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Mexico City, Part 1

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David Joseph reviews in detail the evidence for Oswald's alleged trip to Mexico City – Part 1.

Mention "Mexico City" to a JFK Conspiracy Realist and you can expect to get any of a variety of reactions, from the opinion that Mexico City is the "Rosetta Stone" of the conspiracy to pure agnosticism. At the core of the Mexico City charade is the same question that haunts most of the Warren Commission Report (WCR) conclusions and evidence; why? Why would Lone Nut Lee Harvey Oswald be going to Mexico City, to both Cuban & Russian embassies, with what appears in the evidence to be the desire to secure passage through Cuba to Russia?

How can we establish a relationship between Oswald's decision to go to Mexico and the way in which it was reported within the government, and Oswald's guilt for the JFK assassination? The WCR claims there was no connection whatsoever between the events to and from Mexico (as well as the time in Mexico) to Oswald's plan to kill JFK. The Warren Commission Report's conclusion reflects that the Commission determined that there was little if any advanced planning of the assassination. At least on Oswald's part.

See here.

The evidentiary purpose of the trip was to secure an in-transit visa for passage thru Cuba to Russia for himself and his family. The WCR stated Oswald's purpose was to go thru Mexico to Cuba in lieu of hijacking a plane and flying directly to Cuba (per Marina). In other words, he simply wanted to get to Russia through Cuba.

On the other hand...

Can the events surrounding this trip be connected to a plan to create a viable patsy in the killing of JFK? We must remember that Dallas was by no means the first assassination attempt in November 1963 involving scoped rifles, slow vehicle turns and teams of men. Would we be seeing Arthur Thomas Vallee's name on the Mexico City evidence if the Chicago plot* had succeeded?
(*Edwin Black; The Chicago Plot, Nov 1975 Chicago Independent)

The evidence tries to establish that Oswald was focused on getting to Cuba en route to Russia and that he had met with a man supposedly KGB assassination related, although Win Scott claims Oswald was trying to get to Odessa with his family and little else. Win also states to his knowledge, as he was not in Mexico at the time, that Oswald was under complete and thorough surveillance the entire time he was in Mexico. He could only get this information from one of the two people overseeing the Mexico station in his absence: Anne Goodpasture, his chief assistant and/or David Atlee Philips; Head of the Cuban desk at the Mexico station.

Oswald already had the appropriate passport documentation, approved VERY quickly, to get back to Russia without having to go through Cuba (which in itself is amazing given his "status"). House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) published Oswald's June 1963 Passport application, which was approved for travel including to Russia. In essence, there would be no need for Oswald, who had to have had some reason for going to Mexico City's Cuban and Russian Consulate, to even attempt to travel through Cuba.

See here.

The story of Mexico City has 3 distinct parts: The summer of '63, the trip itself, and the CIA's activity after Oct 3rd. How "The Evidence IS the Conspiracy" correlates to each of these parts will be presented here one part at a time.

What we find amazing is the number of reports on the Mexico trip which are repeated and scattered about the WCR and WC Documents, as if this information was intentionally made especially difficult to correlate and cross-check. The evidence related to this part of the conspiracy is not only contradictory, but WCR-incriminating.

The impetus for this has been touched upon in a number of books and articles over the years: the name on the tourist Visa purchased on Sept 17th and the hotel registry in Mexico City both include the identical mistake; a comma after LEE, followed by HARVEY OSWALD. Is there any evidence offered to explain how Lee Harvey Oswald becomes Harvey Oswald Lee or H.O. Lee?

The following is A COPY of the Mexican Hotel's guest register with a blow-up of the signature compared to the signature on the visa. (ALL docs are copies as the FBI took possession of and kept all originals. As time passed and originals were requested, we find that most originals were either destroyed, or claimed to be lost. Whether the CIA/DFS turned over all the docs is yet another difficult to resolve mystery).

All in good time. Let us start at the beginning:

PART I. The Summer (officially ended September 23rd 1963).

From the time Oswald left Reilly Coffee in late July, his activities in New Orleans, LA (NOLA) and up to his Sept 27th Dallas meeting with Sylvia Odio, all connect him with PRO-CASTRO forces, overseen by anti-Castro intelligence operatives within our government. Virtually no one that summer is NOT associated with intelligence, foreign or domestic, in and out of 544 Camp, the International Trade Mart and Jim Garrison's backyard.

Over the Labor Day weekend while Oswald and family are in New Orleans with the Murrets (Lee's mother's sister and husband), two men arrived at the door of one Robert McKeown, a self confessed arms dealer who worked in similar circles as Jack Ruby, had supplied arms for Castro's cause and was a close friend of Castro himself. McKeown was on probation at the time. Lee Oswald announced to McKeown that he has finally found him and would like to buy 4 rifles for $10,000. Lee Oswald was traveling with a man named Hernandez.

McKeown had connections with Ex-Cuban President Carlos Prio, the new leader of Cuba Fidel Castro, as well as having been contacted by Jack Ruby. McKeown ran CIA-sourced munitions to both sides of the conflict.

This appears as an attempt to once again connect OSWALD with CUBA and CASTRO almost 3 months ahead of time. Would we assume this is assassination related?

Ruby also knew McKeown from his gun-running activities and offered him $25,000 in 1963 for an introduction to Castro in order to secure the sale of jeeps. McKeown asked for $5,000 up front which Ruby did not have at the time. No further contact was reported.

Looking at a list of WCR/FBI Exhibit numbers we spotted FBI D-050, a guest registry for the Fox and Hound in Milwaukee, WI with the name LEE OSWALD; DALLAS, TEXAS signed on the registry page for Sept 14, 1963. The article states the date was Sept 16, even though the actual page does not appear to have a date at all. A report of a "Lee Harvey Oswald" also written in a restaurant registry in Hubertus, WI coincides with a statement from the article by Mrs. Patricia Stanley, manager of the Fox and Hound, "...declined to comment on how the FBI learned that the registry contained the name of 'Lee Oswald'" ..." I am not at liberty to say anything." Asked whether the FBI had instructed her not to comment Mrs. Stanley replied, "There were others, too, but I just can't say."

While the article repeatedly claims that there is no indication that Oswald was in Wisconsin, it never even hints at why or who would be putting that name with DALLAS in mid September when Oswald was in New Orleans with Marina (who was 8 months pregnant) and his first child June. Oswald and Marina arrived in New Orleans on April 24, 1963. On their reutrn to Texas in September, Marina moved in with Ruth, while Oswald did not return to Texas until October, after the Mexico trip. Ruth drove Marina and June to Irving the morning of Sept 23.

The Paines and the Oswalds

Ruth Paine left Irving on July 27, 1963 with her children for a driving trip to see relatives, friends and Friends (Quaker organization relations). In mid-September she was in Richmond, Indiana before heading south to New Orleans. Marina and Ruth had been in contact with each other initially discussing the end of September, after Ruth's trip, as the approximate day for pick-up. Between Sept 20 and Sept 23 Oswald was with his wife, Ruth and all the kids at 4905 Magazine in New Orleans until they left. Oswald definitely did not travel with Ruth. When recapping that weekend Ruth uses the name "HARVEY" alone, something not seen or done in most testimony offered about Oswald.

Why the repeated use of all three of his names as opposed to simply Lee, or Oswald by the government lawyers? Was it to assist with the cover up when the different people in his history refer to him as Lee OR Harvey? I wonder how many times a single name was actually used, only to be transcribed into Lee Harvey Oswald. Looking through Ruth's testimony, for example, "Lee Harvey Oswald" is said 85 times by Jenner and Dulles and not used once by Ruth.

Mr. JENNER - Now, you were there for 2 full days and 3 evenings. Would you tell us, conserving your description in your words, what did you do during these 2 days and 3 nights. When I say "you," I am including all three of you.

Mrs. PAINE - Of course, afternoons we usually spent in rest for the children, having all small children, all of us having small children.

Mr. JENNER - Whenever this doesn't include Lee Harvey Oswald would you be good enough to tell us?

Mrs. PAINE - When he was not present?

Mr. JENNER - That is right.

Mrs. PAINE - My recollection is that he was present most of the weekend. He went out to buy groceries, came in with a cheery call to his two girls, saying, "Yabutchski," which means girls, the Russian word for girls, as he came in the door. It was more like Harvey than I had seen him before...

In the spirit of context and timing we know that Michael Paine had moved into his own apartment in September 1962. Michael picked up Oswald and Marina in Dallas in early April, 1963 for a visit to their Irving house after having met them at a party during the holiday season 1962. The party, at Mrs. Declan Ford's house was where Mr. & Mrs. DeMohrenschildt bring Mr and Mrs Oswald at Mrs. DeMohrenschildt's request. In one form or another, a close watch was being held on Mr. and Mrs. Oswald.

On September 17th; based on the date printed on CE 2478, the tourist visa; a man recorded as "LEE, HARVEY OSWALD" yet signing his name "Lee H Oswald" purchased a 15 day tourist visa for Mexico which allowed the holder to remain in Mexico for up to five days prior to the expiration date of the visa; October 2, 1963.

The Alvarado Story

September 18th was the original date Nicaruaguan Intelligence officer Alvarado claims he saw Oswald in Mexico City, overheard a conversation related to an assassination and saw Oswald accepting money. Alvarado went to the American Embassy in Mexico City on November 25 to report what he saw. When the FBI/CIA realized that Sept 18 was not possible because Oswald was still in New Orleans, Alvarado changed his story as needed and ultimately recanted the entire thing under protest. The interesting thing about Alvarado is the CIA's follow-up cable on Dec 7 which completely lets Alvarado off the hook for having fabricated the story and even suggests there is a direct connection between what Alvarado does and who instructs him to do it. Central American countries' Intelligence servies and the CIA became VERY close over the years since 1947. If the encounter never happened; and there is no evidence that it did other than Alvarado's word; how would Alvarado have known what types of things to say in order to incriminate Oswald all on his own?

CE 3152 is a memo from HELMS to RANKIN about the Alvarado incident: how hard it was to shake Alvarado off his story, how he maintained it was Oswald even after he failed the polygraph, and that he had been at the Cuban Consulate on Sept 18th. (The Consulates are not the same as the Embassies. A close examination of the evidence shows that when asked to go to one, the man playing Oswald would go to the other without success).

CE 3152 continues by establishing that Alvarado was informant T-32, that he was 60% sure it was Oswald and that it occurred on the 18th of September. In conjunction with this is a follow-up memo (possibly from David Phillips) which discusses "resolution" of the Alvarado issue yet gives the distinct impression that Alvarado, his employer and the CIA are very much intertwined. We'll delve more deeply into the Alvarado incident in part two. Note: "IF ERTHYROIDS CAN GIVE HIM SOMETHING USEFUL AND NON-SENSITIVE TO DO FOR A FEW MONTHS IT WILL HELP." His job in Mexico was most assuredly "sensitive."

Peter Dale Scott uses the initial story and recant as examples of what he calls the Phase 1 and Phase 2 stories of Oswald. Phase 1 being the connection to communists, Cuba and Russia in order to "release the dogs of war" which when thwarted by Johnson and Hoover becomes Phase 2: Oswald the Lone Nut Communist with no ties to anyone and his NOT being the man in Mexico... Hoover seems to be the only one who appears concerned with the identity of the Oswald impersonator (the CIA certainly doesn't care as they created the charade) and states on 11-23-63 to LBJ:

"...I think we have a very, very close plan. Now if we can identify this man who is at the Mexican Embassy at; the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City, the Embassy in Mexico City -- this man Oswald has still denied everything." Hoover would feel and mention the sting of the CIA and Oswald in Mexico for many years to come. He would also make clear to his staff that he felt the FBI report mistakenly came to a conclusion. The Commissioners themselves were very surprised at this since Hoover was given to saying the FBI determined the facts and did not present conclusions, even if ironclad.

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One should note that prior to the 1947 creation of the CIA, the FBI's Special Intelligence Service (SIS) was specifically responsible for Intelligence gathering in the Western Hemisphere, from 1941 through 1946 along with existing Military Intelligence entities with acronyms, like MID (Military Intelligence Division) & ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence). The SIS story begins on 26 June 1939, with Roosevelt signed a Presidential Directive stating:

It is my desire that the investigation of all espionage, counter-espionage, and sabotage matters be controlled and handled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the Department of Justice, the Military Intelligence Division [MID] of the War Department, and the Office of Naval Intelligence [ONI] of the Navy Department. The Directors of these three agencies are to function as a committee to coordinate their activities. (Presidential Directive of 26 June 1939; Section 2; File 64-4104; Administrative Records of the SIS; RG 65; NACP.)

FDR clarified his position on June 24, 1940:

He ordered that "The FBI should be responsible for foreign-intelligence work in the Western Hemisphere, on the request of the State Department," while "The existing Military Intelligence and Naval Intelligence branches should cover the rest of the world, as and when necessity arises." President Roosevelt concluded his directive by observing how "It was understood that the proposed additional intelligence work should not supersede any existing work now being done..." (New Insights into Hoover and the SIS, G. Gregg Webb; see here).

(Memorandum of President Roosevelt's telephone directive prepared by Berle and approved by the President, 24 June 1940; Section 2; File 64-4104; Administrative Records of the SIS; RG 65; NACP).

Understanding the long history of US Military involvement in Central and South America would require a book in its own right, yet we ought to be aware that the growth and control of sovereign nations and their intelligence, security and military establishments in this area goes hand in hand with the US military's work to protect US business interests in these countries. Between the Armed Forces' Intelligence, the State Department's attache corp and the FBI's SIS, Central and South America, especially Mexico and Brazil, were hand-in-hand partners with the USA in numerous illegal activities from assassination to the drug trade. Many researchers have discovered this conection resulting in the multitude of "off the books" programs financed by illegal funds.

Marina's Stories

As we've learned, so much of what Marina Oswald tells us is shrouded in conflict. Yet as times and testimony change we can always count on her supporting the desired facts, even if she sounds terribly foolish doing so.

Prior to Ruth arriving, from early September though the 23rd, Marina's "husband" is not working yet also not home every day reading as Marina claims. Between the Unemployment Office, the library and Ryder's Coffee shop, he was busy. We finally learn about Oswald's plans for Mexico from Marina in her testimony:

WCR testimony:

Mrs. OSWALD. Nothing. And it is at that time that I wrote a letter to Mrs. Paine telling her that Lee was out of work, and they invited me to come and stay with her. And when I left her, I knew that Lee would go to Mexico City. But, of course, I didn't tell Mrs. Paine about it.

Mr. RANKIN. Had he discussed with you the idea of going to Mexico City?

Mrs. OSWALD. Yes.

Mr. RANKIN. When did he first discuss that?

Mrs. OSWALD. I think it was in August.

HSCA testimony:

Mr. McDONALD - When did you first learn of his planned trip to Mexico City? When did you first know about that?

Mrs. PORTER - Shortly before I left for Dallas with Ruth Paine.

Mr. McDONALD - How did you learn of this?

Mrs. PORTER - He told me about his plans to go to Mexico City and to visit the Cuban Embassy over there.


Mr. RANKIN When your husband talked about going to Mexico City, did he say where he was going to go there, who he would visit?

Mrs. OSWALD. Yes. He said that he would go to the Soviet Embassy and to the Cuban Embassy and would do everything he could in order to get to Cuba.

The purpose of the visit as recorded and expressed by Chief of Mexico Station Win Scott was to get himself and his family to Odessa. Cuba originally did not have anything to do with the evidence of the man calling himself Oswald.


Mr. RANKIN. Did you learn that he had a tourist card to go to Mexico?

Mrs. OSWALD. No.

Mr. RANKIN. If he had such a card, you didn't know it then?



And as usual, the FIRST STORY offered, which usually conflicted with the desired story, had to be changed or be supported by some rational explanation for the change:

Mr. RANKIN. When you were asked before about the trip to Mexico (CE1781 & 1792), you did not say that you knew anything about it. Do you want to explain to the Commission how that happened?

Mrs. OSWALD. Most of these questions were put to me by the FBI. I do not like them too much. I didn't want to be too sincere with them. Though I was quite sincere and answered most of their questions. They questioned me a great deal, and I was very tired of them, and I thought that, well, whether I knew about it or didn't know about it didn't change matters at all, it didn't help anything, because the fact that Lee had been there was already known, and whether or not I knew about it didn't make any difference.

Marina describing her husband going to Mexico is fraught with problems and contradictions. So much so that a reading of each subsequent questioning on the subject appears as if she is reading from a prepared script regardless of the question. It was CUBA-CUBA-CUBA all the time, when actually there is little if any evidence anywhere else in this case to support Oswald's desire to be in Cuba. (Incidentally, it was not the FBI she talked to about Mexico at first. It was the Secret Service).

Q. Did Lee tell you why he wanted to go to Mexico?

A. He was disappointed in Latin America so he wants to go and try Cuba.

Q. Why did he choose Mexico?

A. He told me he was going to take the bus. (sic)

(This bit of testimony is the reference used by the Warren Commission to determine Oswald had taken a bus from New Orleans).

One has to wonder what occurred to change Marina's account of Mexico between November 28 & 29, 1963 and Feb 3, 1964 when she began giving the "adjusted" account of her knowledge about her husband's Mexico Trip...


And the SS interview Nov 29th:

"She was asked whether she had any knowledge of Lee's trips to Mexico or Washington, D.C. She replied in the negative. She was asked whether she or Lee had any cameras and she replied that Lee bought one camera in Russia and a second one in the United States. She said one was a small camera and the other was a box camera. She added that sho was not proficient with operating any Cameras and she never had an opportunity to do so." See here ("never had an opportunity to work the camera" requires yet another back-peddling recant when the infamous Backyard photos come up)

When did Oswald leave New Orleans?

In the time period when Oswald actually stopped working at Reily Coffee on July 22, 1963 (a company employing Oswald with its own set of CIA, FBI and NASA coincidences and peculiarities) and Sept 23, 1963 Oswald did not work, officially; his only job while in New Orleans since April was at Reily. In yet another of a long line of imposter coincidences, on July 26, 1963 at the American Museum of Atomic Energy in Tennessee we find someone has signed Oswald's name and associated him with the USSR and Dallas. (H&L p.551 - FBI D-154)

Oswald collected $33/week in unemployment beginning Aug 17 and had barely made $500 while at Reily. On August 9th he was involved in what we now know was a charade, and was arrested while handing out pro-Castro Fair Play for Cuba (FPCC) literature at the New Orleans LA International Trade Mart. Some of the literature in Oswald's possession literally had his name and "544 Camp" stamped on it. This connects to Bannister and by association to a man named William Gaudet who we come to learn acquired the Mexican tourist visa sequentially numbered just ahead of the one given to Oswald: No. 24084, on Sept 17th.

On Sept 17, 1963 SOMEONE appears at the New Orleans Mexican consulate and purchases the visa made out to "LEE, HARVEY OSWALD," which to most means the person's name was Harvey Oswald Lee, or H.O. Lee. The FBI explains:

CE 1143 is an: Excerpt from FBI report dated May 18, 1964, re Lee Harvey Oswald's visit to Mexico and excerpt from Secret Service report dated August 28, 1964, of schedule of buses traveling from Dallas and Houston to Laredo, Tex. (CD 1084(e), pp. 2, 99-101; CD 1450, p. 1).

The above excerpt starts with acknowledging that the 15 day visa was made out to "LEE, HARVEY OSWALD" comma and all, yet they write: "It would appear that the comma was placed on the card in error inasmuch as the signature appearing on the original and duplicate portions of the FM-8 is LEE H. OSWALD." As we can see, #24085 appears as described (this is a reversed image) as do the signatures...

Yet, when we look at the hotel registry where Lee would have once again signed his name as it appears on the signature line of these forms, without a comma, we find something quite interesting: We are expected to believe that Oswald, who supposedly signed his name on the visa, did so in exactly the same manner as is TYPED on the 15 day visa, not as the visa was signed... maybe part of his master "advanced" plan? (Note: as we remember from the first The Evidence IS the Conspiracy article, he waited until Thursday afternoon the 21st to ask Wesley Frazier for a ride back to Irving to fetch his rifle, even though he had been working in Dallas at the TSBD since mid-October. The WCR concluded that this trip and the JFK assassination had no connection for Oswald and that there was in fact little if any advanced planning).

When we add to this all the evidence, or non-evidence of Oswald himself ever being in Mexico we are literally forced to re-examine in detail the events ascribed to him and whether or not this remains a simple oversight, or the inadvertent copying of information to keep falsified information consistent.

We learn that #24084, the visa issued just before Oswald's was bought by a man the WCR, FBI and CIA sought to keep buried, William George Gaudet. And they succeeded. It was not until 12 years later during the HSCA that we hear from Gaudet and learn that the list of names of those who purchased visas on Sept 17 that the FBI provided the WC deleted the name Gaudet claiming, "No record of FM-8 No 24084 located."

This link is Warren Commission Document 75 page 577 from Warren DeBrueys' 12/2/63 report showing the FBI knew about this man within 2 weeks after the assassination. Gaudet's stated purpose for the trip? "Travel to Mexico 1 day as tourist." It is unknown whether he ever made that trip. Yet one Albert Osborne did. We will return to Mr. Osborne and some of the strange circumstances revolving around yet another piece of the Mexico Trip and the printing of FPCC flyers.

More importantly for this discussion, when he was finally questioned by the HSCA, Gaudet established direct connections between Guy Banister of 544 Camp Street and Lee Harvey Oswald during the summer of 1963 in New Orleans:

National Archives, HSCA 180-10070-10274, Numbered Files 004826; HSCA interview of William Gaudet

Gaudet goes on to mention the names David Ferrie, Sergio Smith, Howard Hunt, Bernard Baker and Frank Sturgis among his CIA exploits:

Gaudet acknowledged he knew Oswald (and Bannister) from his activity in New Orleans related to FPCC; the same FPCC which the Secret Service states has no connection to 544 Camp. Mr. Gaudet would have us believe that his acquiring the previous visa on the same day was pure coincidence.

CE3120 shows copy of Corliss Lamont's pamphlet with the final page bearing a FPCC, 544 Camp Street, New Orleans stamp. WCD1495 is a SS report dated Sept 11, 1964 which connects this pamphlet to literature found in Oswald's possession.

CE1414 is an SS report from Dec 1963 which concludes that there was no connection between FPCC and 544 Camp, and that it was "impossible" to find anyone who recalls ever seeing Oswald at that address. But boy oh boy did we try hard.

Since William Gaudet helps to show that conclusion for what it truly was, we can understand why the FBI, CIA and WCR went out of their way to remove him from the picture. Could Gaudet have been the reason and/or transportation for Lee to have gone and gotten a 15 day visa which would expire exactly on October 2, 1963? Witnesses to this purchase stated that Oswald was alone at the time and that the following visas are purchased just before closing at 1:30pm.

Of note is that the visa states the stay in Mexico cannot exceed 5 days while the visa itself is good for 15 days. The dates work perfectly; Ruth arrives just in time to remove Marina and June from Oswald's care and sight. Virtually every single statement incriminating Oswald for having been to Mexico and to the Soviet and Cuban Embassies and/or Consulates is derived from CIA/DFS (Mexican Intelligence) related transcripts and records. The FBI, which also had their own relationships with the Mexican DFS obviously also did not have a shred of proof that Oswald, the man Ruby killed, had been to Mexico. It relied exclusively on CIA information.

Along the same lines as taking CIA documentation for what it is, former CIA officer Phillip Agee tells us that CIA 201 files are divided into a CLEAN "operational" part for public consumption and a SECRET "true name documents" part. The following is an excerpt from Inside the Company, by P. Agee:

"Files are maintained on all agents and they always begin with the number 201 -- followed by a number of five to eight digits. The 201 file contains all the documents that pertain to a given agent and usually start with the PRQ and the request for POA. But the 201 file is divided into two parts which are stored separately for maximum security. One part contains true name documents while the other part contains cryptonym documents and operational information. Compromise of one part will not reveal both the true name and the operational use of the agent."

We ought to take a moment to create a little "mind-set" context. In 1963 the backstory always supported the documents. The documents were the evidence. There was not Internet cross-checking or even putting most of the evidence side-by-side. They were accepted until authenticated while usually authenticated by the same CIA people who created them or those under their control. When the CIA or FBI or ONI, INS, MID handed you a file or leaked a story, there was no questioning where the rest of it was, where the "good stuff" or the "secret" stuff was. Today, we are given the impression that NOTHING IS SECRET while everything, in reality, is. In 1963 and for many years after, the truth was simply hidden or destroyed. Today it is covered with mountains of data and hiding in plain sight.

The result is the same question: "What is the truth?"

The answer remains the same: "What we tell you it is."

Who returned the books?

On September 19th, two days later, Oswald is at one of the New Orleans public libraries and checks out four books. This in itself is not surprising as most said he was an avid reader (not bad for a 10th grade dropout: teaches himself Russian, speaks eloquently on Marxism, his own philosophies, his travels and his photographic abilities. School records reflect a 102 to 118 IQ.) What surprises is the fact these books are returned in New Orleans on the day Oswald is supposed to have arrived in Dallas; October 3, 1963. (We will return to Oct 2 and beyond in Part 3). One has to wonder who this Lone Nut Oswald was so close to that they would return four library books. Where were these books? If he traveled with the books he'd need to stop in New Orleans first, which was something Marina was asked about, but then he could never have been in Dallas at the time he was. Mrs. Jesse Garner, the apartment manager found a completely empty 4905 Magazine on the 25th when she came to collect some rent that was due. Oswald had taken all his possessions with him, yet these library books were returned in New Orleans on the 3rd of October.

The Signatures Don't Match

September 20th is also a most interesting day: (From Harvey and Lee, p.598)

On September 20 Nagell sent a registered letter from El Paso, Texas to J. Edgar Hoover at FBI Headquarters and informed him that President Kennedy would be assassinated during the last week of September in a conspiracy that involved Lee Harvey Oswald. After mailing the letter, which included Oswald's description, aliases, and current address, Nagell walked into the State National Bank and fired two shots into the ceiling. He then walked outside and waited for the police to arrive. When the police arrived and arrested Nagell his only statement was, "I would rather be arrested than commit murder and treason." When Nagell was searched the police found a photocopy of a military ID card issued to Lee Harvey Oswald. The ID card was probably given to Nagell by the people who assigned him to infiltrate the activities of Lee Harvey Oswald and Franz Waehauf at the Hotel Luma in Mexico City. Otherwise, how and why would Nagell have a copy of Oswald's military ID card with a different signature?

(When Richard Case Nagell was arrested in El Paso Texas, the police found a military ID card issued to Oswald in his belongings. That card was identical to one found on Oswald in Dallas on November 22, 1963. With two exceptions: the photo and signature were different).

Ruth Paine and Marina

Friday, September 20, 1963 was also the day that Ruth Paine arrived at 4905 (or 4907) Magazine after corresponding with Marina about having her come live with Ruth and children until and through the birth of their next child in mid-October. Ruth and children arrive in a 2-tone BLUE station wagon which appears not to be the same vehicle in which Ruth brought them to New Orleans.

CE3119 page 10 reports that Lillian Murret, Oswald's aunt, said that the "unknown woman from Texas in the BROWN station wagon had called for him..."

In April 1963 the Oswalds arrive at the Murretts' in New Orleans in a BROWN station wagon driven by Ruth Paine. In September 1963 the same woman picks them up in a BLUE station wagon.

During her questioning about February 22, 1963; the gathering when the DeMohrenschildt's brought Marina and Harvey; she was asked how she got there, answering that she drove:

Mr. JENNER - You owned or then had, or maybe you still have a station wagon?

Mrs. PAINE - That is right.

Mr. JENNER - Is it the same car still?

Mrs. PAINE - It is the same car.

Mr. Clifton Shasteen was a barber in Irving who remembers Oswald well:

Mr. SHASTEEN. Well, now, that part of it I would have to take for granted because they were in his car. Now, she, I understand through one of the men who questioned me out at the shop, said he never did drive her car. Again, I'm going to disagree because I know that he did. He drove it up there and got a haircut.

Mr. JENNER. You have a distinct recollection that on occasions when this man came into your shop for a haircut, he drove an automobile up to your shop?

Mr. SHASTEEN. He drove that there 1955, I think it's a 1955, I'm sure it's a 1955 Chevrolet station wagon. It's either blue and white or green and white it's two-toned--I know that. Now, why I say--why I take it for granted that Mrs. Paine was with him when he come to the grocery store I do remember he wasn't driving when they would come to the grocery store, there would be a lady driving and I'm assuming that that' was Mrs. Paine, because like I say, I have been--I have never been close enough to her and knew it, to speak to her, but she trades at the service station where I do and I saw her in there and I never did pay any attention to her and I saw her passing, met her in the road in the car and those things. (See here).

With Oswald on a few of these trips was a boy described as 14 years old and unknown to Clifton who as a barber had a good memory for faces, not names.

Mr. JENNER. And would you describe this young man to me, how was he dressed?

Mr. SHASTEEN. Well, he had on blue jeans and they fit tight and he had on an old striped shirt, I remember him just like I see a picture over there right now and he was a husky kid, he wasn't what you call fat, but he was strong-broad-shouldered; he had a real full, and when I say full, I don't mean a round fat face, he was a wide-faced kid.

(Note: A BROWN station wagon of similar make, model and year was seen at 4905 Magazine around the time of Oswald's FPCC arrest on Aug 9th at the International Trade Mart).

Ruth and children stay the weekend and corroborate the fact that Marina's "husband" was there all weekend. Finally, on Sept 22, Oswald helps load Ruth's car and on the morning of Sept 23 says goodbye to Marina and June. Of special note were questions asked by the WC about anything that might have resembled a rifle either in the materials packed with Marina or in Oswald's possession when he leaves on the 24th. The answer in each case was that nothing resembling a rifle was seen either during the packing, unloading and storage of their belongings, ever.

On September 24 (Tuesday) Oswald visited claims interviewer Fredrick L. Christen ("T-3") at the unemployment office in New Orleans for the last time. Once again Christen reported Oswald's visit to the FBI and advised that he signed a continued interstate claim (Form IB -2) in his presence. (p. 603 H&L)

How did Oswald get to Laredo?

Witness Eric Roberts, who lived near Oswald on Magazine stated that Oswald left his apartment around 7pm, Sept 24, carrying 2 SMALL SUITCASES approximately 18 inches across and caught a bus at the nearest stop at Magazine and Upperline. The FBI conducted a fairly thorough search of the surrounding hotels; 43 to be exact; and was unable to locate where HARVEY Oswald stayed that night (see here).

We are aware that Oswald was still in New Orleans the morning of the 25th of September as he cashed his Sept 17th Unemployment Insurance Claim check which was mailed from Austin on Sept 23rd. While two days from mailing to cashing does seem a bit quick, most every event in the falsified timeline gives Oswald JUST ENOUGH TIME to potentially complete the event, yet they still stretch the bounds of credibility.

Speaking of the bounds of credibility stretched, the WCR states, on page 731, that Oswald had $200 for the trip to Mexico, footnote #1124 refers to CE2481, Oswald's tourist visa application in which he actually states he has $300. As discussed earlier, Oswald's last day of work was July 22, and the first $33 UE check was on Aug 17. Of course, there were living expenses from Aug 17 thru Sept 23 for himself, Marina and June and "no money to Marina" when she left with Ruth.

Mr. RANKIN. When he was unemployed in New Orleans, did he get unemployment compensation?

Mrs. OSWALD. Yes.

Mr. RANKIN. Do you know how much he was getting then?

Mrs. OSWALD. $33 a week. It is possible to live on that money. One can fail to find work and live. Perhaps you don't believe me. It is not bad to rest and receive money.

Mr. RANKIN. Did your husband have any money with him when he returned from Mexico?

Mrs. OSWALD. Yes, he had some left. But I never counted how much money he had in his wallet. That is why I don't know.

Mr. RANKIN. Was it a small or a large amount or do you know that?

Mrs. OSWALD. What would be a large amount for me would not be a large amount for you.

Mr. RANKIN. Well, can you give us any estimate of what you think he had?

Mrs. OSWALD. He might have had $50 or $70, thereabouts. It is necessary sometimes to make a joke. Otherwise, it gets boring.

It is unclear whether Marina was given any money while her husband was separated from her. It is also unclear how Oswald saved two let alone three hundred dollars when he only received $33/wk. for about 6 weeks.

Oswald left New Orleans by bus. Or so says the WCR with reference to Marina Oswald's testimony. Actually, she left two days before her husband left. Oswald probably left, the WCR concluded, by way of Continental Trailways Bus No. 5121. Probably. In Warren Report-speak this means there is no proof whatsoever that Oswald took or was aboard that bus or the evidence would have been offered, fabricated or not.

The FBI was simply unable to determine how Oswald left with his two suitcases after he left the local bus. According to the driver of the bus who helped Oswald load his two suitcases, he asked for directions to the Greyhound bus station. The Greyhound station and the Continental Station are not the same nor do the Greyhound buses travel to or from the Continental Station and vice versa. It is very likely, based on the testimony of Sylvia Odio and her sisters, that Oswald was on his way to Dallas, in a car driven by two Cuban men.

The men were two anti-Castro Cubans who, as a threesome, make it difficult to believe that the man leaving the impression he was Lee Harvey Oswald on a bus leaving Laredo, was actually Marina Oswald's husband.

Mr. LIEBELER. When did you first become aware of the fact that this man who had been at your apartment was the man who had been arrested in connection with the assassination?

Mrs. ODIO. It was immediately.

Mr. LIEBELER. As soon as you saw his picture?

Mrs. ODIO. Immediately; I was so sure.

Mr. LIEBELER. Do you have any doubt about it?

Mrs. ODIO. I don't have any doubts.

Mr. LIEBELER. Did you have any doubt about it then?

Mrs. ODIO. I kept saying it can't be to myself; it just can't be. I mean it couldn't be, but when my sister walked into the hospital and she said, "Sylvia, have you seen the man?" And I said, "Yes." And she said, "That was the man that was at the door of my house." So I had no doubts then.

Mr. LIEBELER. Now, you have indicated on the calendar, you circled the 30th of September, and you drew a line around the 26th, 27th, and 28th of September. Can you tell me what you meant by that?

Mrs. ODIO. The 30th was the day I moved. The 26th, 27th, and 28th, it could have been either of those 3 days. It was not on a Sunday. (26th was a Thursday and a travel day, while CIA reports place an Oswald in Mexico on the 27th and 28th)

This takes us through 12:20pm September 25th when a bus leaving New Orleans for Houston becomes the agreed upon mode of transportation for Oswald's trip to Mexico.

In part II we will examine the evidence related to September 25th; the simultaneous trip to Dallas and Mexico; through October 3rd when Oswald was in Dallas while someone was returning his library books in New Orleans and making another call in his name to the Cuban Consulate in Mexico City.

The Evidence IS the Conspiracy, Table of Contents

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