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Mexico City, Part 2 – The Trip Down, Part 1

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David Joseph reviews in detail the evidence for Oswald's alleged trip to Mexico City – Part 2.

Lee Harvey (or Henry ala CI/SIG) Oswald; whose plans about the assassination the WCR says was not related to this trip--decided to go to Mexico City in order to secure passage thru Cuba to Russia. For months his wife was writing the Russian Embassy, including a questionaire, pleading to get back to Russia; with or without her husband (CE 6-2/17; CE 9-3/17; CE 12-undated questionaire & CE 14-7/8. Even her husband joined in the effort: CE 13 7/1/63:

and again in CE 15 on 11/9/63 (although this typed letter may be a creation of Ruth Paine's: typed letter from Irving.) In response to Marina's Feb 7 letter, the Russian Embassy replied CE-8 with specific instructions on how to accomplish the process and that once a completed application and questionaire was received it would take 5-6 months.

His June 1963 passport application was approved and his passport issued. On this June 1963 application Oswald stated he would be leaving between Oct & Dec 1963 from NOLA on a ship (he took the SS Marion Lykes of the Lykes Brothers Steamship line from NOLA to Europe on his "trip" to the USSR in 1959) and he'd be gone 3 months to a year. Lykes Questionaire CE1948. The Lykes Brothers line is the same one taken by George DeMorenschildt on his trip back from Haiti thru NOLA to Dallas. (WC testimony of Mr. DeM GDeM testimony).

If the USSR was his (and Marina's) desired destination (and the reason for his calls/action in Mexico), going through Cuba was unnecessary. Further it would specifically incriminate him 7 weeks later, as well as be difficult and time consuming, unless he had the help of the US Communist Party... or help from the people fighting them. Like so many activities attributed to the pre-determined guilty Oswald, there is little rhyme or reason for the activities reported during this trip, other than self-incrminiation.

On Nov 22, in fact not even very late that evening, wheels were spinning as to how to deal with what people knew about Oswald's trip from New Orleans to Mexico and then to Dallas. While oh so conveniently Ruth Paine was accommodateing and spiriting away his pregnant wife and child. There is also the question as to what the FBI would find out when they started digging and asking questions. The morning of Nov 23rd:

Sure enough, in the face of the absurdity of the WHY behind this trip, the Commission concludes he made it and the voice; in the face of contradictory evidence; is connected to our Lee Harvey Oswald. Sure enough, evidence will be produced which tells THAT story. For how hard can it be to find the paper trail of a person leaving the US by bus with tickets and manifests, hotels and sightseeing, and then returning the same way. Especially a man the FBI and CIA had kept pretty close tabs on through that Summer of '63.

All the FBI had to do was trace Oswald from New Orleans the morning of Sept 25th thru Houston to Laredo and across the border to Nuevo Laredo Mexico, thru Monterrey and then to Mexico City. A few days in Mexico; Friday to Wednesday; to get done on that weekend what is hard enough during regular working hours with appointments.

The Mystery of the Luggage

The FBI and CIA will admit that the Cuban and Russian buildings in Mexico were some of the most watched; spied upon; places on the planet at that time, with no less than 30 listening devices, at least 2 inside assets and numerous automatic and fully-manned photographic stations making sure to intercept and identify EVERYONE, especially non-Mexicans, entering, speaking and/or leaving these compounds. Surely the comings and goings of at least 5 separate arrivals and departures would be recorded by the numerous devices trained on these locations.

Yet, the WCR offers the only pieces of physical evidence they can; a record of a checked medium-sized bag listed on a baggage claim master sheet to corroborate Oswald went from Neuvo Laredo to Mexico City, along with a small handful of witnesses who supposedly remembered seeing him and even spoke to him. The second bag, which the FBI repeatedly finds difficult to keep in Oswald's possession, and which magically appears and disappears in both reality and in the evidence.

The FBI could not discover where Oswald spent the evening of September 24th after Eric Rogers sees him getting on a bus towards downtown at around 7pm. Mr. Rogers says he was carrying 2 zippered bags, green in color... So our FBI shows him photos, black & white photos, of a variety of bags:

Mr. LIEBELER. So in your estimation, he had two bags like Exhibit 126?

Mr. ROGERS. If I am not mistaken, they are the two bags that my wife and I identified when they came over to the house, somebody from Oklahoma. He was transferred down here.

Mr. LIEBELER. An FBI agent?

Mr. ROGERS. Yes.

Mr. LIEBELER. They actually brought the bags over?

Mr. ROGERS. They had the pictures like this.

Mr. LIEBELER. Did he show you pictures like these two that I have got here?

Mr. ROGERS. Sure did.

Mr. LIEBELER. They had bags like Exhibit 126?

Mr. ROGERS. Yes. This is the type. That's the green type of looking luggage.

Mr. LIEBELER. You say again that he did not have a bag that looked like Rogers Exhibit No. 1?

Mr. ROGERS. Yes.

Why all the interest in ROGERS Exhibit #1? It turns out that a number of weeks after the 22nd Ruth Paine finds these two pieces of luggage in her garage; the very magical Paine garage which grows rifles, luggage, and all sorts of other necessary evidence. Even more peculiar are the markings on one of the sides of this luggage: "9/26;" the date Oswald was supposed to have entered Mexico. It is also claimed that a Continental Trailways sticker was affixed to the side.

Yet we must remember that this bag was NOT identified among the ones Oswald had when he left 4905 Magazine. The WCR states on page 731 that Oswald took BOTH CE126, a small, blue zippered bag (the one Rogers identified he was carrying in both hands) and a "large, olive-colored bag" footnote #1121 which is, of course, Rogers Exhibit #1, the bag provided by Ruth and DENIED by everyone asked as a bag Oswald took to Mexico.

The Warren Commission Report proceeds on the assumption of Oswald's guilt; yet we find the Evidence IS the Conspiracy. All we need do is look. Consider the following from the WR about Oswald in New Orleans and Mexico City:

A side note: The FBI teletype from SAC, New Orleans to FBI Director, 12/11/63 mentions the bags as black bags, not green, rectangular and about 18" across. If the rifle was NOT packed into the station wagon and NOT taken with Oswald, was that rifle, or those suitcases, ever put in the Paine's garage by an Oswald? From Part I we mentioned that there was no proof that a rifle was transported from New Orleans to Irving with Marina and Ruth, specifically to the garage wrapped in a blanket. A rifle was not taken with Oswald to Mexico or from his apartment. This adds additional corroboration to the notion that the evidence related to the "murder weapon" was also created to support the conspiracy.

In Mexico, the FBI asked Hotel personnel what they remembered about the young American visiting them; the only American staying at that hotel we may add - CE2540 contains some of these interviews. Both the Front desk clerk and the maid handling Oswald's room state he only had one, small brown bag and not the two bags, one blue and one green that Mr. Rogers sees Harvey leave with and board a downtown bus:

The Two Girls: Mumford and Winston

There is no record of his travel from New Orleans to Houston. No record of a ticket from any mode of transportation; the FBI checked. There is a record of a bus ticket being purchased in Houston by 2am which should have covered Oswald's travel from there to Mexico City (FBI report of SA Edwin Dalrymple, 2/20/64). There are the affidavits of Mr. & Mrs. McFarland (McFarland) and the testimony of one of two Australian women; Pamela Mumford (Mumford); who, with Patricia Winston, spoke with the man who called himself Lee Oswald after the women boarded in Monterrey and continued on to Mexico City. And finally, as the only physical proof of the trip itself, the Flecha Rojas (Red Line) baggage manifest:

Miss MUMFORD. Well, we traveled by bus on a scheme which allowed us to travel on Trailways buses for a period of 3 months for a certain amount. We just got on and off at various places we wanted to see: For instance, Washington, D.C.; Miami, where we stayed a week; then we went across to New Orleans, down through Texas to Laredo, and from Laredo we crossed the border also by bus and went to Monterrey.

We spent one day in Monterrey and left by bus at 7:30 p.m. at Monterrey, and it was on that bus that we met Lee Harvey Oswald.

Miss MUMFORD. Well, the ticket we had on this deal enabled us only to travel in the States, not in Mexico. So, we bought the ticket on the bus at Laredo and that enabled us to stop off in Monterrey. But the ticket was from Laredo to Mexico City.

Mr. BALL. And from what company did you buy the ticket?

Miss MUMFORD. As far as I can remember, it was a bus company called Transporter del Norte.

Mr. BALL. Now, you got on the bus at Monterrey on the evening of September 26 at 7:30 p.m., you just told me?

Miss MUMFORD. Yes.

Mr. BALL. And what was the company that operated that bus, do you know?

Miss MUMFORD. That was also Transporter del Norte.

Miss MUMFORD. Oswald was the first one we spoke to. He left his seat and came down to the back of the bus to speak to us.

Mr. BALL. That was after the bus had left Monterrey?

Miss MUMFORD. Yes... Then we arrived in the Mexico City bus station and he didn't speak to us, attempt to speak to us at all. He was one of the first off the bus and the last I remember seeing him he was standing across the end of the room.

The normally tight-lipped Oswald is free with "incriminating info" and shows off a passport with Russian stamps. Yet, and this is a key point, that would mean it was Oswald's old passport, which had been replaced by a clean one he applied for in June. This one does not have a stamp on it. (See CD 1969) Patricia Mumford has some problems as a witness.

We come to learn the man traveling as Oswald was reported to have entered and exited via a personal automobile and not on any of these buses. Does this mean that the person on the bus with Oswald's Passport used on his trip to and from Russia was yet another person representing himself as Lee Harvey Oswald?

Lee Henry Oswald?

"At 2:05 pm, 11/27/63, while talking to Inspector Don Moore of Division 5 ... I read to him an article from The Houston Press, dated 11/27/63, which was telephonically furnished to this office ... in which article stated Oswald left the US by private car, ownership unknown, and returned on 10/3/63, through Laredo, Texas. He advised that Oswald did travel by car and did return to the US through Laredo, Texas on 10/3 /63." (FBI memorandum from ASAS J.T. Sylvester, Jr., to SAC New Orleans, 11/27/63.)

In Warren Commission Document 442 we find a telegram from Mexico City to Sec of State Rusk stating the records show on October 3, 1963 a Lee HENRY Oswald left Mexico by Automobile. WCD 442 p.9

This is not the first time Lee "HENRY" Oswald is referred to related to Mexico City. The saga of Lee Henry begins with Ann EGERTER of Angleton's CI/SIG unit who, on Dec 9, 1960 submitted a 201 file request (for people the CIA takes an active interest in as either being a threat or asset) which offers no other name aliases for Lee Henry Owsald. Given that we, the Navy, the CIA, State and FBI have seen his military records, "Henry" was no simple mistake or oversight... it appears purposeful and resurfaces in connection with correspondance to and from Mexico's station chief Win Scott. We will be discussing the evidence which was generated after the visit in the final part of the this series.

Excerpt from Inside the Company, by P. Agee:

"Files are maintained on all agents and they always begin with the number 201 -- followed by a number of five to eight digits. The 201 file contains all the documents that pertain to a given agent and usually start with the PRQ and the request for POA. But the 201 file is divided into two parts which are stored separately for maximum security. One part contains true name documents while the other part contains cryptonym documents and operational information. Compromise of one part will not reveal both the true name and the operational use of the agent.")

If LEE, or the Oswald impersonator did return by private auto, the reasons for the sightings in south Texas (Alice, Pleasanton, Freer, Corpus Christi, San Antonio & Leming) of a man with a foreign wife (not pregnant) and small children becomes a bit more clear. If this information is correct it strongly indicates ALL the evidence related to the bus trips is either completely fraudulent or describes a person specifically impersonating Oswald for specific reasons; only weeks in advance of the president's trip to the South and what winds up being 7 weeks prior to Dallas.

During the summer of 1963 when Harvey and family are in New Orleans, we come across a great deal of evidence that someone repeatedly referred to as "Lee Oswald" was in Dallas with Ruby.

Robert Roy, Ruby's mechanic told the FBI he had repaired Ruby's car numerous times which had been dropped off by the man he knew as Lee Oswald after which he would drive Oswald to Rubyís club and drop him off. A number of people claim to have seen Oswald at Ruby's Carousel Room in June/July 1963 including: William Crowe, Wally Weston, Dixie Lynn and Kathy Kay (p555, H&L). The supression of information related to Ruby and Lee Oswald not only knowing each other but being very close is formidable.

(NOTE: Whether this is LEE Harvey Oswald, born in New Orleans on Oct 18, 1939 or an imposter remains the subject of a couple of books and numerous researchers' speculation. We know for a fact that HARVEY and family are in New Orleans during this time period. We also know that virtually everything related to Lee Oswald in Dallas in the summer of 1963 has been suppressed and/or surrounded in mystery and fear.)

CE2814 contains much of the FBI's investigation and their reports on those who placed Ruby and Oswald together. A bit more revealing though are the reports of H.M. Hart, Detective in Dallas' Criminal Intelligence Section (we should remember that the CIA/FBI took especially close care to remain connected with the intelligence divisions of the major cities' police departments).

Detective Hart, through Reville to Gannaway writes that, via a previously trusted informant, Ruby, as well as the man known in Dallas that summer as Lee Oswald, were homosexual and ran in those circles at least in Dallas. Of course, the homosexual aspect of the case also surfaces in New Orleans with Shaw and Ferrie and yet again in Irving when Oswald is repeatedly seen in the company of a young boy in the weeks leading up to Nov 22nd.

Where was Oswald?

Mr. JENNER. You live at 2214 Fairfax in Irving, Tex. As I understand it, you are the owner and operator of Clifton's Barbershop?


Mr. JENNER. At 1321 South Storey in Irving, Tex.?

Mr. SHASTEEN. Right.

Mr. JENNER. How many times--you personally, now, without someone else having told you the boy was in the shop, how many times do you recall when he was in your shop?

Mr. SHASTEEN. The 14-year-old boy?

Mr. JENNER. Yes.

Mr. SHASTEEN. Three times--I know.

.Mr. JENNER. You have a distinct recollection that on occasions when this man came into your shop for a haircut, he drove an automobile up to your shop?

Mr. SHASTEEN. He drove that there 1955, I think it's a 1955, I'm sure it's a 1955 Chevrolet station wagon. It's either blue and white or green and white it's two-toned--I know that.

I bring this up only to suggest that a Lee Oswald was known in Dallas and known to be in the company of Jack Ruby, all the while another Oswald was living in New Orleans. Years later Dan Campbell of Baton Rouge LA connected Ferrie and Oswald, explained how he saw Shaw daily with a group of homosexual men, and had worked for Bannister.

For our purposes, the fact that Ruby's Lee goes to see an old associate of Ruby's, Robert McKeown the gunrunner, to establish Oswald's desire to purchase scoped rifles at incredible prices over Labor day 1963 helps reinforce the premise that Ruby and Oswald were together in Dallas in the summer of 1963.

Further supporting evidence was receivied again through Dallas T-1, Box 18 folder 6 doc #8:

One final mention of LEE in Dallas (for our purposes) comes on the heels of a confirmation by Antonio Veciana that he met with Maurice Bishop aka David Atlee Phillips at the Southland Building in Dallas in late August or early September. (Is it possible that Bishop either leads Oswald to McKeown or is debriefed after Lee's visit to McKeown's house over the first weekend, Labor Day weekend in Sept.)

Ruby's Notepad with Bishop
(Ruby's notebook with BISHOP RI8-7991. A "Bishop" was not found to be either a first or last name among those who Ruby knew)

Lee Oswald, or someone doing a very good impersonation of him was in Dallas and seen with Jack Ruby at the same time Harvey was working with Guy Bannister, Gaudet, Ferrie and others both FOR and AGAINST the Fair Play for Cuba Committee organization and members.

Back in New Orleans on the morning of September 25th, we have evidence that "an" Oswald cashed an Unemployment check at Winn-Dixie at 4303 Magazine, less than 2/10th of a mile from what was his Magazine Street apartment. Although his whereabouts on the night of the 24th is a mystery (the WCR assumes he dropped his bags as the bus terminal and found a rooming house or "inexpensive hotel" even though the FBI offers no evidence of his staying at any of the over 40 places they checked), yet after 6am on the 25th someone retrieves an Unemployment Check from his PO Box, returns to a spot not far from his apartment and cashes his $33 check. (FBI D-51 is an exhibit referred to by a number of authors yet I have not been able to find. It is claimed to show that Oswald did NOT sign this last $33 check, even though the Winn-Dixie store does show it deposited on Sept 26th)

What I found somewhat interesting about his unemployment claims was the timing, August 3, 1963. Which was six days before he was arrested outside of Shaw's ITM for handing out Fair Play for Cuba Committee flyers. On that application, Oswald lists the UNITED FRUIT COMPANY as one of the businesses where he applied for work (Burcham Ex#1 p.240). The vast majority of his job hunting, to that point, had been related to photographic or darkroom work. There was indeed a United Fruit southern headquarters set up in New Orleans, so it could be a coincidence. Still, that is a company with plentiful CIA and intelligence ties.

Getting Oswald out of New Orleans

Returning to September 25th, there is no mention of the transportation needed to get Oswald from the downtown bus station area back to his PO Box or to the Winn Dixie and then back again to leave on the 12:20pm bus to Houston; the ONLY bus that fits the WCR description of his travel. The problem the WCR could not overcome yet chose to add in their narrative on p.731 posted above is Oswald's evening call to the Twiford's in Houston and the affidavit of Mrs. Twiford.

As we read on page 731 of the WCR above, according to Marina, he left New Orleans by bus; the fact that Marina had already left the city the day before should give you some clue as to the depths of investigation performed to determine this "fact". With Mexico City his final destination, Oswald could have (and should have) purchased the three part ticket to take him from New Orleans to Houston, Houston to Laredo and from Nuevo Laredo to Mexico City. Yet for ANYONE to reach Houston in time to catch the 2:35am Houston to Laredo CONTINENTAL bus; which is the first place there is ANY evidence that "an" Oswald purchased a ticket for transportation to Mexico; they had to leave New Orleans on the Sept 25th CONTINENTAL 12:20pm bus. There are NO OTHER CHOICES. This conclusion was arrived at by process of elimination as there remains no evidence to support Oswald, or anyone claiming to be Oswald, boarding and traveling on that bus. In fact, even the 12:20 pm bus was not originally discussed as an option.

Oswald had to be on the September 25th 12:20pm Continental Trailways bus from New Orleans to Houston regardless of the fact that there is:

-No record of his purchasing a ticket for the New Orleans to Houston portion of the trip on Continental Trailways bus #5121 at 12:20pm.

-No record of his boarding a bus, presenting a ticket, or checking luggage

-No record of any bus drivers recalling the uniqueness of a New Orleans to Mexico City 3-part ticket and when shown photos of Oswald, no recognition of that man being on the only bus from New Orleans to Houston

Hang on a second now... a 12:20pm bus to Houston huh... On Dec 16, 1963 Mr. Major Green of the CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS bus line stated that there were two (2) buses that traveled from New Orleans to Laredo. (One might assume that if Oswald was going all the way to Mexico he would buy a bus ticket for the entire trip as opposed to simply traveling to Houston and buying yet another ticket there for the rest of the trip.) These buses were the 4:40pm and 8:15pm Sept 25th buses arriving in Houston the next day, the 26th, at 2:15am and 7:00am, respectively. (WCD183) The 2:15am arrival would have been just in time for the 2:35am from Houston to Laredo... The FBI looked into the 4:40pm bus, its driver and passengers with no indication that Oswald was aboard.

This arrival time also contradicts the information related to the Twifords of Houston.

On p.731 of the WCR (WCR page image above) we learn that in Houston Oswald contacted the home of Horace E. Twiford, a Socialist Party member who receives names and addresses from the Party so he can send them the official publication, "Weekly People." Oswald identified himself to Mrs. Twiford over the phone and since there was no operator involved, Mrs. Twiford felt it could have been a local call. Since the WC believed Mrs. Twiford's affidavit, (Twiford Affidavit), the fact that she did not mention a specific date for this call and only placed the timing of the call between 7pm and 10pm, the WC had to conclude that Oswald arrived in Houston prior to 10pm. Neither of the two Continental buses Mr. Green identified in Dec 1963 arrives prior to 10pm on September 25th.

AFFIDAVIT (only relevant portions)

2. ...He also said that he had hoped to discuss ideas with my husband for a few hours before he flew down to Mexico. He said he only had a few hours. I assume he was calling from the Houston area since he did not, to my knowledge, place a long distance call. However, he did not specifically say that he was in Houston. I have no information concerning his whereabouts when this call was placed. I told him if he desired to correspond with my husband, he could direct a letter to 7018 Schley Street, Houston, Texas, and I would see that my husband received it.

3. I cannot recall the date of the call, but I think it occurred during the week prior to the weekend my husband flew home to visit me from New Orleans where his ship was docked. I recall, my husband had shipped out the weekend prior to the call.

4. I cannot recall the exact time he called, but I think that it was in the evening, sometime between 7:00 and 10:00 o'clock. I was not working during this period.

Signed this 2d day of July 1964.
(S) Mrs. Estelle Twiford,

This bit of evidence seems to stand contrary to FBI investigatory practices. If a call was placed, a record is surely available from the phone company. If this was a long distance call, even more phone records would be created. Given the witness cannot recall the time or date of the call; the WC could have concluded it was not the 25th at all, yet then the call would have come from Mexico; also easily traced; yet does not fit in the story or timeline. The Twifords were never called to testify. We all know how much evidence and/or testimony was overlooked in the name of Oswald's guilt. Why even mention this call, opening the door to taking an affidavit, and in turn the realization that what Twiford says Oswald told her conflicts with much of the Mexico evidence.

According to the evidence the Warren Report another bus HAD to be found. His apartment on Magazine was vacant; his wife, Ruth Paine and all the kids left on the 23rd. Oswald was seen carrying suitcases and went out of the way to retrieve and cash his $33 unemployment check. Even though he stated he had $300 for his trip and was already downtown where the buses would be leaving, he supposedly returned to his PO Box, and to within a couple blocks of his recent home, to cash said check and the evidence quoted states that there was no signed endorsement on this check.

On September 21, 1964, almost 10 months later and only a few days before the presentation of the WCR, an FBI report which becomes WCD 1553 (and accompanies a letter from Hoover dated Nov 9, 1964; after the WCR is delivered) was written up. This is from a September 9, 1964 re-interview of Mr. Major Green by FBI agent Callender in New Orleans. In THIS report, Mr. Green adds two more buses which travel from NOLA to Houston at 6:00am and 12:20pm arriving in Houston at 4:30 pm and 10:50 pm, respectively. The WCR places Oswald on the 12:20pm bus #5121 which arrives in Houston at 10:50 pm since it is known that Oswald retrieved and cashed his $33 unemployment check down the street from his apartment at 4905 Magazine after the 6am bus had already left New Orleans (even though this check was unsigned).

The Odio Incident

It is in this WCD that the FBI tries and fails to make its case against Hall, Howard and Seymour. WCD 1553 p.39.

The bus Oswald is supposedly on arrives well after 10pm in Houston. How then does Oswald call the Twifords from Houston between 7-10pm, if he is not yet in Houston? If the call was placed from outside of Houston; there might have been a record. Yet Oswald states that he has a few hours before his plane leaves to come by and speak to Mr. Twiford. Of course this does not prove he was in Houston at the time of the call, yet the evidence indicates he presented himself and was perceived as if he was. The man leaving Houston at 2:35 am on Continental #5133 (ticket # 112230 purchased at 1:30am) Hammett in Houston who spoke with the McFarland's and was vocal about his FPCC connections is just as likely the person who called the Twifords from Houston earlier that evening who had "a few hours before he left for Mexico."

From all the evidence the FBI offered, there is simply nothing to support Oswald leaving New Orleans on a bus headed to Houston. But there is reliable and corroborated evidence that another Oswald was in Austin, TX early in the afternoon on Sept 25th. And he arrived on the following evening on the 26th in Dallas, at Sylvia Odio's with Leopoldo and Angelo. Coupled with the total lack of evidence regarding a bus trip out of New Orleans, it all suggests this Second Oswald, and his two Cuban riding companions, either left New Orleans together, or the Cubans met up with Harvey Oswald at some other location and traveled to Dallas between the 25th and 26th of September, stopping in Austin. The WC and FBI also did all they could to suggest that three other men (Loran Hall, Lawrence Howard and William Seymour) were the three visiting Ms. Odio; yet those efforts proved fruitless; but not in time to change the WCR conclusions.

On October 1, 1964 Sylvia was shown the photos of these three men and stated that "none of these individuals were identical with the three persons... who had come to her apartment in Dallas in the last week of September, 1963." Her sister, Annie Odio, who was also in the apartment at the time, also stated that "none of the photographs appeared similar to the three individuals in her recollection."

On 16th September, 1964, FBI agent Leon Brown interviewed Loran Hall on behalf of the Warren Commission. Brown claims that Hall admitted that he, Lawrence Howard and William Seymour made a visit to a woman who could have been Silvia Odio. However, when Hall was re-interviewed on 20th September and was shown a photograph of Odio, he claimed she was not the woman he met in New Orleans.

Lee Dannelly, Ronnie Dugger and Oswald

There is evidence available which places an Oswald at the Selective Service System Office in Austin, TX just after lunch on September 25th at about the same time he'd be leaving NOLA on the only bus the FBI could conclude he used, bus 5121 leaving at 12:20pm. The WCR, on the following page 732, explains that since there is no corroboration for Mrs. Dannelly's story (which is eerily the same as our conclusion regarding his trip from NOLA to Houston) she must have heard the news and "all of the information she furnished (snip) could have been derived from news media."

Austin Texas is 80 miles to the north west of the trip from Houston to Laredo, which in itself is about 325 miles and a 10 hour trip to the south. What will become clear is that an Oswald traveled from NOLA thru Austin on his way to Dallas and Sylvia Odio while another Oswald traveled AWAY from Dallas to Houston and caught the 2:35am bus early in the morning of Sept 26th .

To avoid corroborating her story we find the FBI once again trying to discredit witnesses. While they all give Mrs. Dannelly (and Jesse Skrivanek) the benefit of the doubt, they determine that two more people could not be right. One of these witnesses, a waitiress who claims to have served Oswald stated she had Wednesdays off. Sept 25th was a Wednesday and it was the day Mrs. Dannelly saw Oswald, so by process of elimination Mrs. Norman could not have seen Oswald. When shown a photo of Oswald, both Ronnie Dugger and Mrs. Stella Norman claim the person they met was "identical with Oswald."

The Texas Employment Commission building is but 4-5 miles from the cafe where Mrs. Norman worked, L.B. Day confirms her story while Leon Oswald is not at Sylvia Odio's in Dallas until the early evening of the 26th. Sylvia's testimony suggests that the 26th or 27th was possible and that she had been to work that day (although she finally does settle on the evening of the 26th as the time and date). Oswald being seen in Austin while another Oswald impersonator makes his way to Houston for a trip to Mexico begins to take shape.

There is nothing offered to deny the possibility of Oswald staying in Austin until the following day, when on the morning of Thursday the 26th Mrs. Norman could be serving Oswald coffee, alone. Given Harvey's cheap ways, milking a $.10 cup-a-joe while waiting for his comrades to get ready to leave for Dallas can explain the sighting and trip to Austin just as easily as the FBI dismissing it on such weak grounds.

This is a good place to note here the title of this series. The story of Oswald's guilt is craftily told by prosecuting attorneys; the explanation of why this telling of the tale is so skewed is no better told in a lawyerly, assumptive fashion. Guilt requires proof... Innocence is one of the rare human qualities which civilized society purposefully "assumes" within its basic rule of law. One is presumed innocent until proven guilty. If the guilt can be shown to have come from inauthentic evidence, the presumption must remain. Oswald was presumed guilty with evidence supporting that conclusion brought front and center while all other evidence is buried, altered, destroyed or simply ignored. When this selective evidence is shown to be inauthentic in the years after his murder, the presumption of innocence MUST be a foregone conclusion.

As Mr. Redlich put it to Mr. Rankin on April 27, 1964 at the beginning of evidence evaluation and the taking of statements (there is no record of this memo being discussed at any Executive sessions):

Our report presumably will state that the President was hit by the first bullet, Governor Connally by the second, and the President by the third and fatal bullet. The report will also conclude that the bullets were fired by one person located in the sixth floor southeast corner window of the TSBD building...

Our intention is not to establish the point with complete accuracy, but merely to substantiate the hypothesis which underlies the conclusions that Oswald was the sole assassin...

I should add that the facts which we now have in our possession, submitted to us in separate reports from the FBI and Secret Service, are totally incorrect and, if left uncorrected, will present a completely misleading picture.

The powers that were/are in charge of the evidence made sure that Ms. Odio's story was not heard in a timely manner. Her WC interview was in mid July 1964 while the FBI reports, CE3147 & 3148 are dated September 1964. The report itself was finished and delivered on September 24, 1964. Ms. Odio's story is summarized on pgs. 321-322, followed by the declaration that since OSWALD was traveling on a bus to Mexico at the time he could NOT have been at Odio's home in Dallas at the same time and it has been developed "that he was not in Dallas any time between the beginning of September and October 3, 1963." Until the Hearings and Exhibits were published, this was the only mention of Sylvia Odio, 2 Cubans and Leon Oswald.

In essence; because he couldn't have met Odio since he was on a bus to Mexico, he didn't. The Evidence IS and will always remain, the Conspiracy.

Hamilton interviews Oswald but not same man

Mr. Olin Hamilton of the AL SEMTNER Drug Dept in Dallas was reported by the FBI to have interviewed LEE OSWALD just after Sept 23, 1963; when the WCR tells us he was not in Dallas during that time. Much like the WCR's statement that no one saw Oswald between 11:50 and 12:30 on 11/22, the above declaration that Oswald was not in Dallas at all in the month of September is easily disproved. Oswald was in New Orleans all summer, so one wonders how the Texas Employment Commission has recent Dallas information on this man, and is able to send him on this interview.

Mrs Martinez Salvation Army

Mrs. Ambrose Martinez told the FBI that prior to the assassination in Aug/Sept Lee and Marina and 2 children visited her Salvation Army welfare office in Dallas. (at 500 N Ervay not far from the FBI offices in Dallas at the time) She gave the FBI details related to their references to Mrs. Paine and Marina only speaking Russian. Lee told her they were living in Irving with Mrs. Paine and that he had met her in New Orleans. Ruth, on the following page mentions that Marina never went to downtown Dallas after Oswald joined them on October 3rd. Furthermore, Oswald's 2nd child was not born until mid-October.

As we can see, there is quite a bit going on with conflicting evidence just for Sept 23rd thru the 26th... and we haven't even gotten to Laredo yet.

Hammett - Oswald from Houston to Laredo

Mr. E.P. HAMMETT, the ticket agent at the Continental Trailways counter in Houston on the night of Sept 25th remembers distinctly selling a single ticket for travel from Houston to Mexico City; a rare event as that trip's tickets are not sold but more than 1 or so a week, according to Mr. Hammett. In this report the FBI shows Mr. Hammett a photo of Oswald and a small Zipper bag (but not the larger olive-colored canvas bag which is ultimately recorded on the Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey, Flecha Roja busline portion of the trip.

The description of the man's clothes offered by Mr. Hammett; a brown and white pullover sweater, white dungarees and white canvas shoes; and the lack of these items being found in any of Harvey's possessions, suggest that like the light colored medium sized jacket found "on the escape route from Tippit", these clothes were never Harvey's.

From all appearances, the man claiming to be Lee was in Houston getting on a bus at 2:35am now the 26th, while Harvey was still in Austin on his way to Dallas; most probably with the two Cubans Odio sees on the evening of the 26th.

Surely there are records kept as tourists leave the USA and enter a different country. The stamping of passports is something we can usually count upon yet in 1963 traveling to Mexico or Canada did not always result in these stamps. So what else can we find which would show that Oswald, with no known nefarious thoughts at this point, left the US for Mexico. Surely he was not actively trying to hide this travel; given the discussions Marina claims they had about the trip, the lack of any motive and the ease with which he befriends others on the way.

CE2121 p14-15 & 23; From Mexican Immigration forms FM-5 and FM-8 (this FM-8 appears imprinted at the top of the tourist visa card #24085 made out to Harvey Oswald Lee) the FM-11 form is created which is an alphabetical listing of those entering Mexico prepared every 2 weeks. For those people entering the 1st of the 15-day cycle, the person with the first alphabetical listing would have the #1 written on their visa and they'd be recorded on line #1 in the FM-11.

Info for the FM-11 is taken from the ORIGINAL tourist card and then, "a number is placed on the tourist card" which are used to make entries by day, in alphabetical order until the end of the 15 day period. Oswald was given # 807 on the FM-11 which started at #762 for FM-8 passengers on Sept 26th. The number we should see on the original visa would be 807 minus 762 or 45. It does not appear there is any number written on the "original" visa in evidence that corresponds to this process.

For CE2121, FM-5 and FM-8 entries are separated. For the period starting Sept 16 we are shown that entrance #368, Margarita Alanis, was recorded as the first person entering Nuevo Laredo on Sept 26th. On page 18 the FM-5 numbers end with #399; Tobias Zarember and start again with the FM-8 entry: Felix Alonzo. The number for the alphabetized FM-8 form entries begins with 762.

On page 23 of CE2121, after the name Buell Moore and before Maurice Ouellet we have "HARVEY OSWALD LEE, FM-8 #24085." Except according to the Mexican officials, they believed the passenger's name from the visa was Lee, Harvey Oswald which becomes "H.O. Lee" on his departing documents. LEE comes well before MOORE. In fact, Mr. LEE should have been #800 before Mr. Mason. One has to wonder who in Mexico would have known this passenger to be Mr. OSWALD when preparing this list as opposed to Mr. LEE as stated by his travel documents.

CE 2121 p.23

The exhibit goes on to mention that even though baggage may be listed; this does not insure that the person actually traveled on the bus.

Below is a piece of CE2469 which establishes H.O. LEE as the name the Mexican authorities related to the person traveling out of Mexico and back to the US. We will return to this important Exhibit as it fits into the controversy surrounding which bus line the FBI and the WCR finally decides Oswald was on: Transportes del Norte or Transportes Frontera and why, if he was actually on one or the other, there appears to be evidence which supports either scenario. What the Frontera evidence reveals is the speed and efficiency with which Mexican intelligence was willing to create documents which supported the story of his travel. In subsequent parts we will examine this trip in detail starting with the arrival in Mexico, the evidence of his activities in Mexico and the return trip to Dallas.

There were three bus lines which service Mexico City: Transporte del Norte, Transporte Frontera and Flecha Rojas. The evidence for Oswald's return trip will pit evidence created by Arturo Bosch against the assumptions and evidence regarding the del Norte line and the simple statement of Hoover that Oswald did NOT take bus #340 at 2pm; and that the evidence which suggests this was created after the fact.

The Evidence IS the Conspiracy, Table of Contents

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