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Dale Myers: An Introduction

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A critical overview of Dale Myers, the ABC network's 3D animation expert who produced a flawed recreation of the Zapruder film.

Dale Myers

Dale Myers' cartoon version of the Zapruder film allows viewers to study the JFK assassination "with an incredible degree of accuracy."

Or so its creator says.

The material on this page reveals how Myers manipulated reality in an attempt to prop up the lone assassin theory:

  • Critic Pat Speer reviews Myers' computer analysis of the assassination.

  • Robert Harris demonstrates some of the deceptive techniques Myers used.

  • Additionally, we present this review of Secrets of a Homicide.

  • Jim DiEugenio gives us a summation of Myers' career as he navigated back and forth between the Oswald did and didn't do it camps; ultimately becoming an unnamed co-author of VIncent Bugliosi's rewrite of the Warren Report ironically titled Reclaiming History.

As another bonus, we have the transcript of an interview with Mr. Myers dating back to 1982. We are the first to acknowledge that, like anyone else, Dale Myers is allowed to change his mind. And he has. We'll let Mr. Myers himself tell you the title of this interview, in the (slightly edited) sound bite attached to this notice.

"I Don't Think Lee Harvey Oswald Pulled the Trigger" is presented for what it is worth. Researchers who flip-flop – whose public positions change from knowledge of conspiracy to professing belief in the lone nut fiction – have great propaganda value for the enemies of truth, of course. Dale Myers is not the first, and he won't be the last.

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James DiEugenio

One of the most respected researchers and writers on the political assassinations of the 1960s, Jim DiEugenio is the author of two books, Destiny Betrayed (1992/2012) and The JFK Assassination: The Evidence Today (2018), co-author of The Assassinations, and co-edited Probe Magazine (1993-2000).   See "About Us" for a fuller bio.


"I Don't Think Lee Harvey Oswald Pulled the Trigger"

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