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Introduction to the Warren Commission at Fifty: Worse Now than Ever

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A briefer and more visual version of the five-part essay by Jim DiEugenio proving the Warren Commission is inoperable today.

This visual essay was put together for the 2014 JFK Lancer Conference. It is a more brief and visual version of my literary Five Plaques proving the Warren Commission is inoperable today.

The main idea behind it is that today, the Commission is not just untenable. Today, it is almost ludicrous. With the recent diary entry of Howard Willens we now have it in writing that the Commission was made up of four, not seven, members. That those four men; John McCloy, Allen Dulles, Jerry Ford and Earl Warren; gave absolutely free rein to young lawyers like Arlen Specter to ignore any and all rules of evidence in a homicide case. We also now know that even after the work of the ARRB in the nineties, key evidence is still being discovered, like crucial omissions from the Air Force One Tapes.

Further, after the ARRB we made discoveries based on their work that now completely negates the whole legend of the Magic Bullet, labeled by the Warren Commission as CE 399. To the point we can now demonstrate with both exhibits and eyewitness testimony that the FBI lied about this crucial evidence. And, without any legs to stand on, it alone destroys the Commission verdict. We owe thanks to Gary Aguilar, Tink Thompson and especially John Hunt for finally exposing the FBI fraud around this artifact.

And on and on and on. With the rifle, with the alleged photos and drawings of Kennedy's brain, with the testimony of Marrion Baker on the first day (which was changed by the Dallas Police and the Warren Commission), with the questionable testimony of Wesley Frazier and Linnie Randle, and the Bureau's rigging of Jack Ruby's polygraph, this is an exposed record today of horror and shame. The investigation of John Kennedy's murder was worse than non-existent. It was a fraud. And for writers like Philip Shenon to defend that fraud today is disgraceful.

Read this new record at your own risk.


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