Friday, 01 September 2017 00:46

Full-text searchable pdfs of the NARA documents released in July 2017

By Ramon Herrera, At: JFK Numbers

Each of the .pdf files contains multiple RIFs, thus reducing the number to 28 and 20 (from 425 and 3,369), for the postponed-in-full and released with deletions, respectively. The title tells you the first and the last RIF inside. To each file, searchable text has been added.

To search them, you will need to download them:

  • Formerly postponed-in-full:  download.
  • Formerly released with deletions: download.

and view them in an Adobe Reader.  

Choose  "Open Full Acrobat Search":


The full search allows you to choose how to search the documents (individually, or all documents in a folder, etc.):


Our thanks to Ramon Herrera for the preparation of these documents.


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