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Garrison Interview, "Some Unauthorized Comments on the State of the Union" (May 27, 1969)

We publish here a noteworthy interview Jim Garrison gave to a European publication on May 27, 1969, in which he draws attention to, among other things, the connection between the assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK.

This remarkable interview with Jim Garrison was done about two months after Clay Shaw was acquitted.

It is an interview with a European publication since, for reasons he notes, Garrison had given up doing such things with the American press.

Note that some of the things he brings up differ from his previous interview in 1967 in Playboy. For instance, quite early, he brings up the importance of Vietnam to the assassination, and he then returns to this at the end. He is now open about the role of the FBI in cooperation with the Warren Commission in the cover up. (p. 3). Right after this, he singles out Allen Dulles for his role on the Commission. He then becomes one of the first commentators to say there was a link between the murders of JFK, King, and Bobby Kennedy. He understands just how important Pierre Finck's bombshell testimony was at the Clay Shaw trial (p. 18). He then describes the after-effects of a coup d'état and how the new government ratifies itself (p. 20). He is very pessimistic on the truth about Kennedy's murder ever coming to light. In retrospect, what makes all this so impressive is how correct he was in the light of history on all these points. It is also enlightening to compare his ideas about the case to what others were writing and saying at the time. Most of the other critics were still concentrating on what happened in Dealey Plaza. They were not even aware of the bombshells in Finck's testimony. But we now know the Justice Department certainly was, to the point they sent Thornton Boswell, another JFK pathologist, to New Orleans to discredit Finck, although they did not follow through on the plan.

Our thanks to Bart Kamp and the invaluable Malcolm Blunt for this engrossing interview. Thanks also go to Prof. Dennis Riches of Seijo University, Tokyo, for providing the following, more legible transcription of the original document.

~ Jim DiEugenio

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