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John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Chuck Marler

Jefferies' Film and the Bunching of JFK's Suit Coat

The amount of bunching of the suit coat in the Jefferies film is not significant enough to raise the entrance wounds to the base of the neck. It is an experiment that can easily be done, writes Chuck ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
John Kelin

"New" Film of JFK Route

Just how extensively this new Jefferies film will be used to promote jacket-bunching to explain the jacket/body discrepancy remains to be seen, writes John Kelin. ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
David Talbot

Warrior for Peace

At the height of the cold war, Kennedy found a way to inch back from the nuclear precipice. Under relentless pressures to go to war, he kept the peace. He talked to his enemies; he recognized the limi...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
James DiEugenio

Time Magazine on the JFK Conspiracy and Presidency

Jim DiEugenio remarks on the July 2, 2007 issue of Time featuring seven essays on JFK, that he "can't recall a previous time when Time actually printed a genuine pro-conspiracy essay on the Kennedy ca...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy


Two excerpts on Cmdr. James J. Humes from late 1963. ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Parkland Doctors

The Parkland doctors remember the position of the head wound. ...

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