Friday, 24 April 2009 11:14

Dale Myers Gets Perturbed!

Written by James DiEugenio

Jim DiEugenio discusses Dale Myers's reaction to his review of Reclaiming History.

Saturday, 10 January 2004 11:08

Ed Butler: Expert in Propaganda and Psychological Warfare

Written by James DiEugenio

Jim DiEugenio writes about how reporter Gus Russo digs up long-forgotten characters in the JFK assassination to slant the story toward the government's conclusions.

Tuesday, 06 January 2004 10:50

Gerald Posner

Written by Kennedys&King

An index to the critiques of Gerald Posner's writings by authors at CTKA.

Friday, 16 January 2004 10:42

Gerald Posner: Did He Get Anything Right?

Written by James DiEugenio

Jim DiEugenio writes about Gerald Posner's irresponsibility in representing the evidence concerning the JFK assassination.

Wednesday, 19 May 2004 20:57

Priscilla Johnson McMillan: She can be encouraged to write what the CIA wants

Written by James DiEugenio

 Jim DiEugenio writes about Priscilla Johnson McMillan, who interviewed Oswald in Russia then worked with his widow after the JFK assassination.

Monday, 01 March 2004 20:43

Big Lie About a Small Wound

Written by Milicent Cranor

Five people, including Michael Baden, MD, have demonstrated great faith in the public's inability or unwillingness to make a simple comparison between what they say, and what is a matter of public record, writes Milicent Cranor.

Wednesday, 07 January 2004 13:34

How Gerald Posner Got Rich and Famous: Or, Bob Loomis and the Anti-Conspiracy Posse

Written by James DiEugenio

Jim DiEugenio discusses how Gerald Posner became wealthy from his pro-Warren Commission articles and books.

Sunday, 04 January 2004 13:26

He's Baaack! The Return of Gerald Posner

Written by James DiEugenio

Killing the Dream, Posner's book on the Martin Luther King assassination,  is pretty much drawn from the same mold as Case Closed, writes Jim DiEugenio.

Sunday, 04 January 2004 13:20

The Posner Follies: Fast and Loose with the Witnesses

Written by Wallace Miliam

Author Wallace Miliam discusses how Case Closed knowingly included false information concerning JFK assassination eyewitnesses.

Sunday, 04 January 2004 13:14

Gerald Posner, Case Closed – The Art of Misrepresenting Evidence

Written by Stewart Galanor

From an unpublished book review of Case Closed written by Stewart Galanor in October 1993, in which he exposes Posner's misrepresentation of eyewitness testimony.

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